Tuesday, 13 November 2012

20% off French Connection

I love French Connection- it seems to like the taller girls too! Hurrah.  It doesnt like my bank balance however.  I am a big fan of French Connection for dresses.  I have a fair few tea dresses and summer dresses from them.  I also love their festive offerings.  Lots of sequins!

This sequin dress would be perfect for any party, hollywood glamour event, even just evening cocktails with the girls... I love it.  AND it has £46 off!!  I also love their skirts and winter jumpers- very cosy for sitting by an open fire, in a cottage with a glass of wine and a good movie (not that I have any of those things... yet!)

To claim your 20% off at French Connection simply use the code instyle20 for the next 3 days!

French Connection: Do or Don't?
Stand Tall x

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