Tuesday, 30 December 2014

WIMW: Two Sequin clutches: Haul.

I am a magpie for sparkles.  They can be completely impractical, but I still gravitate towards them.  I purchased a(nother) sequin clutch this season.  I have been pretty good in the sales, so I don't feel too bad about purchasing this mermaid sequin clutch.  When I saw it, my heart skipped a beat (and my mouse clicked the clutch into my shopping bag!)

Isn't it pretty?  Love at first sight.  Mermaid Sequin Clutch.  Very spacious, faux leather back, internal zip pocket and TONNES of SEQUINS!  Unlike anything I own.  It is strikingly gorgeous and matches the shoes I blogged about in the last post!  I can see it paired with a black outfit, small heels and a cute jacket.  There aren't too many left but it is an affordable treat and a great January pick-me-up (link).

I purchased the one below in the summer it is now in the sale and sits perfectly for any season (winter festive sparkles, or a spring/summer wedding).  It is a mixture of silver and gold, meaning that it will compliment any jewellery.  The chain strap is delicate and can be be tucked inside, or kept on display if you prefer a more 'shoulder friendly and hands free' bag.  You can view further details here.

I am trying to be restrained, but something about sequins hypnotises me.  I also have a Michael Kors gold sequin fold clutch (sorry no photos*) so that brings my total to three... for now ;)

*My camera is charging so I hope to extract my Christmas Day outfit pictures shortly :) An actual OOTD post!

Do you like sequin bags?  Are you doing anything special for new year?
P.s. I have tweaked the blog a bit, and made a new header.  I'd love to know your thoughts!

Stand Tall x

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  1. Gorgeous colour! What a fab find! :) jess xxx


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