Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Christmas OOTD Long Tall Sally, Monsoon, M&S, Olivia Burton

'What I wore on Christmas Day!'  A combination of Long Tall Sally, Monsoon, Boots, M&S and Olivia Burton.  It was a fairly busy one, dashing here and there but I managed to twist someones arm to grab a photo of my outfit or an OOTD post.  I opted for a party skirt and warm jumper combination and indulged my inner Audrey Hepburn by choosing a little black top and necklace look.  I've mentioned a few of these items on the blog before so I hope long term readers will enjoy this outfit put together in in 'real' life.

Christmas Outfit of the Day

Necklace Knit Jumper, Long Tall Sally.  A warm (but not bulky) black knitted jumper with an embellished bead neckline.  Forget the statement necklace, this does it all in one.  Many of my friends have commented on how much they like this jumper.  It has a cute keyhole button fastening at the back and is long enough not to expose your midriff.  I wore it tucked into my skirt on this occasion, but when I leave it untucked, it doesn't rise up throughout the day (unlike some of my other jumpers which I am forever adjusting and pulling down #TallProblems).  I normally go up a size in jumpers (so I can layer underneath)- I got a size S instead of XS and it fits perfectly.  I don't think they will hang around long enough to go in the winter sale, so I thoroughly recommend grabbing this quick if you like the look (link)

See the built in jumper neckline?  Great if you are in a rush too!
I always wear a cami top under a jumper.  The problem with winter is that you freeze the moment you set foot outside, and then overheat at your destination.  Layers are key.  I have mainly opted for a floaty top if going to a formal event (mostly the double layer cami from Long Tall Sally (and it is currently in the sale!) link).  Normally I'll just wear a plain cami if I need an everyday extra layer which will look respectable but not too dressy.  (Incidentally LTS seem to have most of their cami tops reduced to £7 and if they are they same as the ones I have had previously then they are 1) warm 2) so very soft and 3) have adjustable straps 4) suitable for anyone of average to tall height link).
No filter on this- just the crazy sun! Monsoon Galaxy skirt
This Galaxy Full Jacquard Skirt from Monsoon caught my magpie eye.  Full is certainly the word.  It is beautifully stitched with stars and combines rich blue and purple tones.  It has the added detail of an exposed zip at the back.  You know when you are at primary school and you have a party skirt?  (A big sparkly/silky skirt that you could wear to birthday parties, Christmas and non-uniform day (before everyone starts to live in jeans)?  This is my grown up version.  It is currently in the sale reduced from £59 to £17, though if it is out of stock online then keep checking back for returns, or pop into store (link)

Tights: Boots standard black tights 70 denier.  I generally have to get size large because they the size for tall slim ladies.  I really wish that they labelled them differently.  I think us tall girls feel like we stick out anyway, so having to pick tights 2 sizes larger 'just' because they will fit your height... Anyway, size aside I have been getting my tights from Boots and M&S since my school days so I haven't really branched out.  I put my toe through this pair, and need to buy some more.  I'm happy to take recommendations if you I should cast my net wider than Boots and M&S!

Crazy shoe selfie. It was really difficult to get a picture
Plain black leather court shoes from M&S.  These FootGlove have insolia technology i.e. inbuilt insoles that support your feet.  It's no secret that high heels can really damage out bodies by changing our posture and putting all the weight onto the ball of the foot.  Insolia was (I believe) designed by a chiropodist to help evenly distribute a persons weight over their entire foot- even when wearing high heels.  They are so comfy to wear.  I can easily wear them all day (unlike some other brands in my wardrobe which leave me shuffling like a robot after 1 hour).  M&S also carry some 'everyday' heel heights- i.e. 1-3 inches.  I found these by accident when I'd exhausted local shoe shops and needed a pair of plain shoes.  Defeated, I walked through M&S on my way home and saw these.  Resigned to failure, I tried them on and was really surprised.  They don't stock this style anymore, but there are similar ones here (link).  Life Lesson: Try on things- even if you think they wont fit/suit you.

Audrey Hepburn with her black top and statement necklace (and tiara).

Jewellery: Because of the inbuilt necklace in the jumper, I kept my accessories simple.  Just a pair of locally made glass earrings and my Olivia Burton blue butterfly big dial watch.  It's from a previous season (blogged here) but I have found the same design with a brown strap in the current season at Topshop (link).   I am a big OB fan- I think the designs are gorgeous.

I don't do many OOTD posts, so please be kind!  Please feel free to recommend any brands of tights!  If you did a Christmas OOTD then please send me a link below!  Also don't forget my Fiorelli bag and goodies giveaway!

Stand Tall x

Disclaimer: The LTS items are part of an ongoing collaboration, all other items were purchased.


  1. That skirt is amazing! I love the jumper with it too, looks so cosy! I went for a jacquard midi fir NYE my ootd is here Hope you enjoy! X

    1. Hi Lucy, thanks so much for your comment. It is a really cosy jumper. I'll have a look at your post now :) Happy New Year x

  2. Love your OOTD! The skirt seems to be taken out of a dream. I love "electric blue" so your skirt is perfect since it's comfy and very trendy, too. The black jumper with the necklace detail is a great option also for the office or to go on a dinner.
    I buy tights in Tezenis and Calzedonia (both belong to the same group). Size L fits perfect and they're long lasting.

    Btw, you've got a beautiful hair and you're so pretty! You should definetely post more OOTD! :)

    Have a nice day!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Patricia. I am a big electric blue fan too. I'm glad you like the outfit. I'll check out the tights recommendation s:) Thank you so much for the kind words :) You have made my day. I will try and post a few more xx

  3. I love your outfit! Strangely for a tall girl I've never shopped in Long Tall Sally... I have this anxiety that everything will be too big and I'll be left in a world where I'm too long for normal clothes and too small for long clothes... x

    1. Thanks Lauren :) There are a few things that have been a little long for me (but the trousers all come in three lengths so you can pick the right length). However I never find the tops too long (or short) so it is a relief to know that something will fit. Take a look :) (You can always send it back if it is too big :) )x

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