Saturday, 10 March 2012

Running With Scissors (Monki Haul)

One of the rare times I will post one of my other blog posts here!  This brand is worth a mention!  I have not tried the clothes yet, so I don't know if they are tall worthy, but it seems they do do a taller 34 inch range!! I am excited!  I still have three full (blush) bags of clothes to blog about so stay tuned!

"If you don't know who Monki are, they are a sister company of the Swedish brand Cheap Monday (see ASOS and Urban Outfitters for their range).  Both companies are actually owned by H&M.  For Cheap Monday, think skinny jeans, over sized t shirts and much more but not too cheap!  Monki however play on the quirkier side of things.  Just in case you were wondering, Monki is the little cute cartoon guy I posted on Twitter and Facebook yesterday as a teaser!
Lovely Monki items!
Monki have just set up their first flagship store in the UK (London, 39 Carnaby street if you are interested).  They also have a concession in Oxford street Selfridges, and I am hoping a few more will follow this year.

I visited their website last Saturday and placed a little order.  They didn't used to send items to the UK, but I think now their store is open in Carnaby street, they have started to offer this service.  I visited and placed an order there- be warned, it is all in euros, but a quick google will show you what the price translates as.  My order arrived Friday (quicker than they predicted) and delivery cost around £4-5 which isn't far different to other online shops in the UK.  My parcel came from Germany!

Scissor Necklace (link!) 

According to Monki, in some countries scissors are used to cast curses so I have to think positive thoughts while wearing this (and not run while wearing it)!  I just through it was unusual and wearable at work.  It is a bit longer than I thought- it falls mid bust length (a la 'Lorraine chain') but isn't as heavy as some other necklaces I have of that length, so hopefully I wont end up clonking this noisily on the table every time I sit down!

Siggi Cluch (link!)
Love at first sight! Blimey Limey!

This clutch is bright imitation leather (blimey limey colour to be exact)!  It's a slight touch on the yellow side on lime green, and for me it means SPRING!  I also know that putting this with any plain outfit will immediately brighten it up.  I love the asymmetric flap front (fastened with a magnetic clasp in the bottom left corner).  Inside there is one zip pocket (and a cute tiny label with monki monster on)!  It is big enough to fit a slim purse, touch up makeup, phone, keys, gum and still a bit more.  The only thing I sort of wish for is that the whole thing zipped up under the flap- just in case I over fill it and cant used the magnetic clasp!  I guess I will have to restrain my inner bag content hoarder!! 

Monki say: "If there is such a ting as a perfect clutch, Siggi is it. She has it all. Perfect size, perfect chicness, perfect shape and perfect… everything. Perfection." €20

Alana plait belt (link!) 
Retro belt!

This reminds me of vintage 70's belts.  It fastens through the plait so one size fits all!  I love the fact the buckle bit is wrapped, so the metal wont snag on any delicate fabrics.  I cant wait to wear this with my Siggi clutch!! €15

Dragonfly earrings (link!)
"I seen a Dragonfly, I ain't never seen a Donkey-fly!"

 I spotted these and thought they looked sweet.  They aren't real silver, and are on a par with New Look / Dorothy Perkins prices.  They are a bit bigger than I thought (bigger than a 50p piece!) but I will still get lots of wear out of these.

Cute Monki mail bag!

Verdict: I'm really pleased with my purchases.  I found the monki site easy to use, and love the level of detail from the mailing bags, website doodles and emails to the product tags (open them up!) and care labels.  It's not extortionate in price and the items feel good quality.   I hope to use these in some outfit of the day posts on my fashion blog 5 foot 10 but a few of you said you would like to see accessory posts here so I put this here first!

What do you think of my purchases?  Have you heard of Monki?  Are they worthy for taller girls? Do you like their items?  Would you shop there?

P.s. Don't forget my Mac giveaway!

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me and these are my own words!


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