Tuesday, 28 February 2012

(Mega) Hauling.

Well, I have been a little quite, but I have been busy spending money ;o)  I had hoped to photograph these on me, but I have either been shivering my socks off wrapped in a chunky knit cardi (and no way was I going to to play dress up!) or busy pinging about the country for work/family things.  So my purchases have sat in bags accumulating!  Some of these were sales bargains, others werent. (That makes me feel a bit better about my spending!!)
Forever21, French Connection, ASOS, French Connection...

I thought I would result to taking pictures of the bags and a sneak peak and then post pictures of the items either flat or hung up, then hopefully take some pictures as I get dressed up for nights out/work (if I get ready in time!!  This is NOT a strong point for me!)

My question to you is does it make a difference if clothes are photographed on a person or just hung up?  Or do you just like seeing clothes?!

Hope you are all well!  What was the last thing you bought?

Stand Tall x


  1. Aw, a haul<3
    I like to see clothes on a person but don't really mind it when they're only hung up.

    1. I'll see what I can do :) It's hard to take pictures on your own! xx


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