Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Find clothes by your size! Genius App!

I saw this today and just had to share.  If you're like me then finding clothes can be a nightmare.  I go into one shop and I'm a size 8, another size 12, another 14... and it doesn't stop there!  Each item is individually sized too, so a skirt in a 10 might fit, but in tops I'm a 12.. confused? Me too!

I saw this today.

Simply input your hit, waist and bust size in CM or inches and the software will tell you which shops you should head to.  Not only that, but it also breaks it down into which shops best fit you for tops, skirts and dresses.  You can also select a store and see what measurements they fit their clothes too.

I have to say, the results it gave me were pretty good- places I shop in!

Genius idea.  You can check it out at Sadly I don't think height is taken into account but it is a step in the right direction? Right?

Other News:
I had hoped to take some more OOTD pictures, but it has been so cold that I have literally lived in jeans/ work wool trousers and a big chunky knit cardigan.  Not very exciting!  Hopefully it will warm up soon!!  I'm not used to -10 degrees!!

I am updating the Blogger Height Wall again, so please, please spread the word.  The more people there are, the better it works!  Don't forget 5 foot 10 is on twitter.  I tend to update it with fashion and tall tweets, but if you want to follow my normal (random) ramblings and beauty tweets then follow my other twitter HERE.

What have you been up to?  Do you think that site is good?  Can you recommend any other software?

Stand Tall x


  1. this website looks amazing! I am so fed up with getting into a changing room with what SHOULD fit an finding it doesnt. for example in primark jsut before christmas I bought a pair of shorts in a size 8, when I am most definitely a size 10/12 normally...
    I'm going to link back to this post soon from my blog, I think it needs to be well known! (if that's okay!)
    Belle du Brightonxx

    1. I hate vanity sizing for that reason (although it is flattering!) Backlink away :) I dont mind. xx

  2. woow, I love your blog. you have a new follower :) maybe you want to check out my blog and maybe follow back :)


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