Saturday, 21 January 2012

Exciting Updates! Blogger Heights and Hall of Shame.

5 foot 10 now has a 'Blogger Heights' page where you can add your height and see who else is your height.  I got so fed up of seeing lovely clothes on other bloggers/Youtubers, ordering them online and then finding they didn't fit me.  Take for example the time I saw a lovely dress on Fleurdeforce.  Stunning (but then Fleur's style is stunning and she looks amazing in everything!).  Anyway, I placed and order online, as you do, and opened the parcel with excitement.  The dress was gorgeous, bright and perfect.  I then tried aforementioned dress on, only to find that while for Fleur it was equal to a dress, for tall me it was equal to ... a top.  If I tried to wear it out on a night out, I would end up photographed and splashed across 'The Daily Mail' under the heading 'Britiain's trashy women catch / brave hypothermia for fashion'.  You get the picture?!

(The sad thing is, I should have known Fleur is shorter than me as I have met her in real life!! Silly Emma!!)

Blogger Heights will hopefully be useful to everyone (tall or not) when wondering how tall a blogger / youtuber is and if their clothes will fit us.  Let's face it, we all try to steal a few wardrobe inspirations off each other, don't we?!  Hopefully it should also be a nice index of bloggers too- don't forget that * means the person is primarily a fashion blogger!  The more people who are added to this page, the better it will work- so please add yourself by leaving a comment!

Another new site addition is the 'Tall of Shame' page (see top bar of links).  Ever bought an item only to find it is made for mini-people?  Ever found that a brand thinks all small sized people are short, and all average to large sizes must be really tall?  Do you have a list of shops which you cant visit because they do not cater for the taller lady?  SHARE your shopping shame by adding them to the 'Tall of Shame'!   Similarly if you have good brands to recommend then leave a comment on the 'Clothes Shops' and I will add them!  I will be doing some posts on these topics in due course!

NEXT POST: Recent Hauls :)

Stand Tall x

P.s. I am following blogs, but my blogger dashboard keeps telling me I am following none. Anyone know how to fix this?  :/


  1. I absolutely love your idea!

  2. That little drawing perfectly sums up my experience of trying on my friend's dresses being a tall girl myself! Great blog :) Following

    1. Thanks Sujana xx Following you too now xx

  3. your blog is unique! i love your activities!
    just joined the Blogger Heights! ッ

    by the way, please hop over our blog and hopefully we can follow each other.... ッ


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