Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Isabel Marant Ring £36?!

I just had to blog about this ring- in my sales trawling on Net-a-porter (it's good, 50% off!!) I found this beautiful ring by Isabel Marant reduced from £60 to £36!

So pretty!

They also have some matching turtle earrings by J Crew which are very cute and different- and affordable in the sale!

Using accessories is a great way to create a polished look (and spruce up an old or very cheap outfit).  Something I haven't quite got the hang of but I'm trying!!

To see my run down on the clothing sales see my previous post (now updated) or to see my beauty bargains & online sales overview click this link!

I love that I can shop from my warm bed with the tv on, while other made people are rammed in queues, surrounded by snot and germs and fighting to get a look!  You wont catch me doing that! Online is the only shop I'm visiting today!!  Any other bargains to report?

Stand Tall x

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