Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tall Talk Tuesday 1: Lynnette Peck AKA Lovely! (5'11")

Tall Talk Tuesday is where I'll introduce you to real people, tall people and not so tall people!  We'll have a chat and a nose in their wardrobe, share funny tales...

For the first ever Tall Talk Tuesday, I bring you the lovely Lynnette- also known as Lovely. 

Tell us about you!
Hi, I am Lynnette Peck and I have been a magazine journalist (specialising in fashion/beauty and launching and editing magazines) for twenty years. I have worked for Vogue, New Woman, Cosmopolitan, Eve and many other magazines. 

I also own an online vintage fashion boutique Lovely’s Vintage Emporium http://www.lovelysvintageemporium.com where we sell trend-led vintage fashion and accessories. Celebrity clients have included American singer Nicki Minaj and UK TV presenters Dawn Porter and Holly Willoughby.
Lynnette with Celia Birtwel (Vintage icon- google!)
How tall are you?
5ft 11in which is 1.8m

What’s the best thing about being tall?
Not being squashed in crowds.

…and the worst?
Can only date tall men.

Tall + High heels.  Yes or No?
Absolutely, yes. Be tall and be proud.
What was growing up tall like?
I mostly loved being tall as my father always said that it made me elegant and model-like and he said to stand up straight and not stoop as it looks worse if you stoop. Walk tall!

Any funny tall stories?
I did have a bad moment at a school disco when I was 15 and dancing with a boy – the DJ said to me through his microphone ‘take your shoes off love and give him a chance’. I was wearing flat shoes anyway…I was so embarrassed.

Who is your style inspiration(s)?
I love Danish supermodel Helena Christensen as she somehow manages to wear vintage yet also look modern, glamorous and bohemian all at the same time. Plus we are the same age and she is only 1in shorter than me! I have interviewed her twice and we get on really well. Love her. I am trying to get her to wear some pieces from Lovely’s Vintage Emporium…

...In wonderful vintage Ossie Clark.
Where do you shop (or avoid!) for tall clothes?
I mainly wear vintage from the 1970s and lots of it is from America so it is larger (ie longer). If I had to pick the high street then the Top Shop tall section is OK and some pieces in Cos and Whistles work for me. I have a burgundy vintage 1970s Ossie Clark dress that I adore and a long blue/black vintage Jean Varon dress.  Both were meant for Lovely’s Vintage Emporium but somehow I kept them for myself…

Lynnette in her gorgeous Jean Varon dress!
Any words of wisdom you’d like to add?
Use your height to your advantage so make sure you wear flattering clothes like long dresses, jumpsuits, maxi skirts and so you are then the one that stands out but in a good way. Watch your back – tall people notoriously suffer from bad backs so sit correctly at your desk (both feet flat on the ground, no crossed legs.).

Thank you so much to Lynnette for featuring in the first ever Tall Talk Tuesday!  She truly lives up to her name Lovely!  I'm a big fan of Lovely's Vintage Emporium so if you havent seen her store then be sure to visit the link above or her Twitter  http://www.twitter.com/LovelysVintage

Are you a fan on vintage?  Fan of the Tall Tuesday Talk?  Say thank you to Lynnette?  Leave a comment below!
Stand Tall x


  1. Thanks Emma, I really enjoyed taking part in this. Lynnette http://www.lovelysvintageemporium.com

    1. Thank YOU for taking part! I'm feeling very inspired to stand tall today! :) xx

  2. This was a really cool post. Looking forward to reading more of these. You have great taste Lynnette. I wish I could wear vintage as well as you do!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Lynette does have great style and Im so glad she agreed to take part. :)


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