Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Victoria Beckham : Launched!

Ok so I know she is only 1.63cm (5 ft 4.25 inches) but this blog isn't all about 5ft 10"... it's my outlet for fashiony things and tall tales.  I am 5ft 10 so the things I buy will have to be tall friendly BUT inspiration is not height restrictive!  I'm a big admirer of fashion, but I'm not that great at implementing it or finding a practical way of embracing it (or clothes that fit)!  (If you are stylist I'd challenge you to sort me out!!)  Anyway I do admire Victoria Beckham's style.  She could do with a little more meat on her bones, but I think running about looking after all her children, looking after David (possibly looking at David so much you forget to eat?) PLUS running her own company must keep her metabolism running very nicely.

Part of the 'Look' part of the site.  Catwalks, backstage, gifs...http://www.victoriabeckham.com/look
Victoria Beckham has just launched her new website http://www.victoriabeckham.com.  I'm going to skip over the controversy that her clothes are made in backstreet UK factories and a very, very small fraction of the retail cost (after all, which companies don't try to make a profit, and I'd rather they were made in the UK than child sweatshop labour....) ... and just move on to the pretty aesthetics.
Nice dresses- though none less that £1000 in this selection ....
I like this classic cut, though not sure about the shoes...

Nice simple lines, classic cuts and designs.  I'm sure a piece from VB's range would be an investment (especially at those prices!).  Personally I'd wait for the sales as, like most of the world, I dont have a spare £1000 to spend on a dress- but we can all dream right?!

Then I looked at the bags.  There were some nice clutch bags, though the one below caught my eye (I think the practical side of me took over).... I have to add that I could not see the prices.. but when I hovered the mouse over the bags it transpired that I'd chosen the most expensive one! Gah!

The 'Victoria' bag.  (And I though a Mulberry was pricey...)
I have asked how tall the model is on the website so hopefully I'll get a response as it's always good to know when buying online- however VB is noted for wearing her own range so I wouldn't hold out much hope for anyone who is my height or taller!

I can safely say that, although I like the range, I don't 'love' it.  It is just a bit too safe for me (and the price).  But if you have the money and like the pieces, then go for it!

Have you seen Victoria's clothing range?  Is it over-priced for what it is?  Have you found any cheaper dupes?

Stand Tall x

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  1. She definetely knows what style is all about. I never paid attention to her before spending one year in the UK. I like her style. I wish she could smile a bit more lol. As for her line, she is too expensive for me now lol, anyway she knows the market she's targeting

    1. I wish she'd smile more (or that the photographers would take more pictures of her smiling!) hopefully she'll do a H&M collaboration or something for us lot!


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