Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Jennie Runk: 5' 10" plus size model for H&M

I came across this image of Jennie Runk "Plus size model" for H&M.  Jennie is a US size 14-16 (UK 16-18).  Now I don't know about you but my first thought on seeing the campaign picture was that she looked pretty and healthy- I then found out that she was classed as 'plus sized' in the modelling world (although I thought she looked like a UK sized 12 so I'm not sure if that's 'model sizing').

Stunning Jennie Runk H&M dress
 The photo above is for H&M's beachwear line.  I thought it made a refreshing change to see normal healthy models used in a campaign.  I'm hoping that they make the dress above in my size as I'll be hunting it down in whatever H&M decides to using as my size that week.... (I fall between an 8-14 depending on the high-street store but that is a whole new post/rant!!)

Flawless Beauty!
Anyway I did a little research on Jennie, and was really pleased to see that she has the same issues with trousers as me..

"..... I was wearing sweat pants because my thighs were the size of their (her classmates) waists, and those pants were embarrassingly short because I was taller than the average adult, but still shopped at (pre-teen clothing store) Limited Too."

Glad to see that even models are not exempt from clothing woes!
Jennie off duty! Solve the trouser issues by wearing shorts! :)

Jennie for la redoute

25 year old Jennie has a Bachelor's Degree- pursuing academic studying alongside her modelling career.  She is an advocate for positive thinking and embracing health body confidence.  She has a facebook page (link) if you want to read her lovely thoughts or see more 5' 10" clothing inspiration.

Also she has written an article for the BBC website online (viewable here) which makes interesting reading.  Being 5' 10"  I thought Jennie made an excellent addition to 5' 10".

Have you seen many other campaigns using 'plus sized' models?  Any campaigns you'd like to ban for using unhealthily skinny models?  Any thoughts?

Stand Tall x

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