Monday, 13 May 2013

New Holiday Wardrobe: £245 (12 days of Holiday purchases!)

According to 'new research', the average woman (cough) spends £245 on a new holiday wardrobe before jetting off to a relaxing destination.  £245?? £245 for a new holiday wardrobe?!

Holiday Shopping?

Apparently the women the researchers spoke to said that they will normally buy (N.b. please read this aloud to the tune of 12 days of Christmas....)
  • SIX summer dresses
  • FIVE holiday tops
  • FOUR pieces of swimwear
  • THREE pairs of shoes
  • THREE pieces of jewellery
  • THREE items of makeup 
  • TWO pairs of shorts
  • And a pair of sunglasses (beach bag and sun lotion*)
I don't know about you, but that sounds like my ENTIRE packing list for a holiday?!  Not a casual holiday shop!?  Seriously, who are these women they surveyed?  I don't think anyone I know has purchased that amount of items for one holiday- let alone EACH holiday they take.  Maybe if it was a honeymoon there might have been a few new purchases- or a specific piece of kit for themed holiday- i.e. walking boots for a hiking tip, or a super posh frock for a cruise where there is a dress code.... but all these items.  No.  I don't think so.
Kate Middleton's 'Honeymoon going away' outfit: Zara Dress, LKBennett Shoes, Jacket/belt unknown but rumoured to be Topshop or Hobbs.  Estimated cost £200
I don't know about you, but I have a 'summer wardrobe' section which I try to pack away during autumn each year.  I try to eek it out as long as I can, while clinging to some notion that cold weather will never return and I can live in a summer fantasy world forever.  When warm weather is about I delve into these items, though living in the UK I rarely get to wear them.  This means that if I travel abroad to hotter weathers, I have a virtually unworn summer wardrobe to choose from.  Of course there might be a few replacements from time to time, but not for each trip.
I pride myself of being able to squeeze into the same items as it means I am the same size (although I do replace them when sun bleached, frayed or the elastic perishes).  Sometimes I will out the items because I don't like them anymore- BUT I don't set out to buy a new wardrobe each holiday!!
Sun Cream! A 'Wardrobe' item?!
Now I put a * by sun lotion and makeup.  One might treat themselves to new makeup every now and again, but most women will have a little purchase at duty free- I don't think that counts as it is not a home territory purchase..!  And sun lotion looses it's protection factor once it has been opened for a year- in fact the SPF goes down every year anyway, so it's a necessity to replace this.  I wouldn't count it as a 'summer wardrobe' purchase.  SPF is very important (if used responsibly- but I'll go into that on my beauty blog at some point)!  I do not see Sun lotion as an aesthetic item that people buy to 'primp themselves and look different in holiday photos'!

Don't get me wrong.  I do like to make new purchases for the season ahead, I just wouldn't spend *that* budget purely for each holiday trip.  I'd rather put the money towards investment purchases, or travel insurance/day trips/holiday food etc!  Oh and I also like to buy a few things while abroad... say a new dress, bracelet, some duty free makeup... hmm maybe spend the £245 on a new wardrobe while ON holiday.... that doesn't count, right?

Do you shop FOR holiday, or while ON holiday?  Do you agree with this survey?  Do you did out the same items first before purchasing replacements?
Stand Tall x

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