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Tall Talk 4: Lily France AKA Jolihouse (5' 10.5")

Tall Talk Tuesday is where I'll introduce you to real people, tall or not so tall people!  We'll have a chat and a nose in their wardrobe, share funny tales...  Today I bring you Lily France of Jolihouse blog.  Lily has great style and is not afraid to be individual- in fact so individual that she makes some of her clothes herself!  Not bad for someone who is 16!  She knits and has been featured in Vogue Knitting!  Certainly one to watch in the fashion arena!  She is also very friendly so do stop by her blog and say hello!
Lily Kate France AKA Jolihouse blog

Tell us about you?  
Hello, my name is Lily Kate France and I’m two and three quarters.  I joke, that’s how I used to introduce myself to strangers as a toddler.  Weird kid I know ;)  I’m actually sixteen and write a personal fashion and lifestyle blog, www.jolihouse.com.  I’m a knitwear designer too!

How tall are you?  

5 feet 10 and a half inches, so not exactly a giant but I’m pretty lengthy.
Lily wearing trousers from French Connection, New Look hoodie and Primark booties.
Like or Loathe your height?  
I’ve had my moments of wishing I was shorter, but overall I’d say ‘like’.  A few years ago, before others had caught up with me, I didn’t like how I looked out of place on group photos, or looked like I was my friends’ older sister when walking round town.  Being taller than all the lads wasn’t great either!  They’ve mostly overtaken me now so I don’t stand out a ridiculous amount amongst my peers, which contributes to feeling happier with my height.  Not that standing out is a bad thing at all – I’ve always been a confident person – but sometimes I found it annoying to look so out of place.

Where do you buy most of your clothes?  

Seeing as we’re talking tall, I’ve found that Warehouse fits my proportions exactly and I’ve bought quite a few pieces from there.  I buy from quite a mixture of places though, H&M, Primark, and Topshop being top of the list. 
Dress from Warehouse (link), Topshop jacket, New Look hat, Primark socks, boots and bag.
Are there any places you find the clothes too short? 
Miss Selfridge clothes are often too short, which is slightly bizarre since they have a separate petite range.  H&M jeans are always plenty long enough though; maybe Swedish girls are exceptionally tall?
French Connection dress, clutch and boots Primark, vintage necklace.
What was it like growing up tall?  
Since I’m only 16 I guess this overlaps with the question ‘Like or Loathe your height’.  So I’m going to interpret ‘growing up’ as ‘childhood’.  As a kid I was always the lanky, skinny, super-tall girl, but I think I quite enjoyed it!  Although people did always assume I’d be automatically able an amazing netball player and able to score every time, which was definitely an incorrect assumption.  I can’t shoot hoops to save my life. ;)
Can't shoot hoops... but can knit with them!
Any funny ‘tall person’ stories to share?  
Boring as it sounds, not really!  I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing, funny moments, but none directly related to my height. Yet.

Who is your style inspiration?  

Obviously the likes of Victoria Beckham are inspirational, but I love how Jennifer Lawrence keeps it fairly real, yet does the full on glam look excellently on occasion.  She’s just fab all round really.

Any tall dressing style tips?

I don’t think I have any specifically for tall girls, I tend to dress more for my shape rather than purely height.  For example, I know that waist-defining outfits suit me well, but the same would go for someone hourglass shaped but a foot shorter.

A complete outfit Lily made (including hand knitting the skirt).

What is the best thing about being tall?  

If you are not tall, why would you like to be tall?  Being able to see over people’s heads in crowds!  Unless an absolute giant sits in front of me, my extra long body means that I can sit up really tall and never miss a thing at the cinema.

And the worst?  

Sticking out like a sore thumb amongst shorter friends, and having to hover in a weird squat for my (photographer) mum to take pictures at a decent angle.
A cardigan jacket Lily knitted.

Tall + High heels.  Yes or No?  

I wouldn’t particularly enjoy being 4 inches taller than boyfriend so tend to stick with flats when I’m with him, but for a party with the girls bring on the heels!

Any words of wisdom you’d like to add?

Don’t slouch!  I absolutely can’t afford to slouch because I have mild scoliosis, but us tall girls really should just stand proud!

Thank you so much to Lily for taking part in Tall Talk Tuesday!  I'm so envious of your knitting talent.  To see more of Lily's creations or great style please visit www.jolihouse.com.  If you have enjoyed this post why not send her a tweet @jolihouseblog?

Do any other 5foot10 reader know how to knit?  Have you made your own clothes?  What do you think of Lily's style?  Do you like Warehouse and French Connection?

Stand Tall x

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  1. Great post! I can only dream to be that tall. x


  2. I'm loving these posts and finding more tall bloggers! I knit too so I'll def be checking out Lily's blog :)

    1. Hurrah! That what this series is about :)

  3. pretty nice blog, following :)

  4. Love this! Would love you to check out my blog. I'm a five foot tenner! Xx

  5. I'd love to feature in your TTT - i'm five foot 10/11 and love your blog posts! Openmywardrobedoors.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Becca, Would love to host you- I emailed so check you spam folder? Im not sure how I missed these comments- but replying now :)

  6. Hi there! I've just meet your blog and I'm loving it! Great job!
    I'm a Spanish tall blond blogger. In fact I think I'm the only Spanish tall blogger, although not all Spanish are short and have dark hair!
    I'd love you to visit my blog: http://antesAltaquesinsilla.blogspot.com.
    This week I've posted a review of great shops for tall girls. Hope you like it! :)

    1. Just realised I havent replied to these- thanks so much for the link. Your blog is great and I have subbed :)


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