Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tall Talk Tuesday 3: Stephanie AKA Steph Dreams (5' 11")

Tall Talk Tuesday is where I'll introduce you to real people, tall or not so tall people!  We'll have a chat and a nose in their wardrobe, share funny tales...  Today I bring you Stephanie from StephDreams.  I have had the pleasure of sharing a cocktail or two with Steph at several events over the years.  We have had a giggle!  When she is not blogging about her style, Steph has adventures with her gorgeous tiny puppy called Severus and also shares posts on her forthcoming wedding (which will feature Disneyland- she's a big Disney fan).
The Lovely Stephanie!

How tall are you?

5ft 11”

Tall: Like or Loathe it?
Like it now, when I was growing up not so much

Where do you buy most of your clothes from?           

Are there any places you find the clothes too short?
Not really any more, again when I was growing up it was so hard and when Topshop “tall” came along it was amazing. Now I don’t wear trousers alot/that need to be so long

Stephanie wearing tights and a skirt (New Look)
Any funny ‘tall person’ storied to share?
Not funny really, but I remember reading in More that an actress was 5ft 9, and the caption was how she was such a giant. 

Who is your style inspiration? 
I don't have one person in mind but I love reading blogs and getting ideas from there. I hardly ever buy magazines now, as I like style to be more personal and easy to access. I also love seeing what the models wear online modelling the clothes, I think some times it can be a little more daring or different so it's good to step out of your 'norm' every now and again. 

Any tall dressing style tips?
Just go with what you feel happy with. I wear skirts/dresses and tights a lot, but that’s mainly because of my weight and not my height. Coming to terms with some places making small and short items is just a sad fact.

What is the best thing about being tall?
I like standing out a little bit more and it’s nice to be able to see over many heads

And the worst?
Being “a giant”

Stephanie wearing a lovely floral dress and looking fantastic.
Any words of wisdom you’d like to add?
I'm not sure I have any of use. But I think just go with your height and work it how you feel best. It was such a big thing when I was growing up and into my early twenties even, but now it doesn't even cross my mind- unless I see a gorgeous pair of heels I'd like to rock. I also record falling in love with a tall man ;) 


Thank you so much to Stephanie for appearing in on 'Tall Talk Tuesday' this week.  Please do check out Stephanie's blog at www.Stephaniedreams.com for style, decoration, puppy and wedding posts or follow her daily tweets and instagram pictures at @StephDreamsBlog.

Are you a fan of tights and skirts?  Leave a comment below- or just leave a comment to say thank you to Stephanie.  Thank you comments are always welcome :)

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Stand Tall x 

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