Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tall Talk Tuesday 2: Jessica Low AKA The Real JLow (5'11")

Tall Talk Tuesday is where I'll introduce you to real people, tall or not so tall people!  We'll have a chat and a nose in their wardrobe, share funny tales...  (Firstly I hope you like the new blog design!).  Today I bring you Jessica Low from The Real JLow- blogger, entertainment marketeer and  fellow tall girl.

The beautiful Jessica!

Tell us about you? 
Hi there! Can I start by saying how great it is to meet all you lovely tall ladies? Living in our little town I sometimes forget that there are others out there that are as tall as me and might also suffer the same tall problems so it’s great to be able to share! So, a little bit about me then? Well my name is Jess and I blog over at several establishments but primarily, www.therealjlow.wordpress.com and thevintagecupboardlifestyles.wordpress.com with my bestie Gemma. On my personal blog I speak about all things lifestyle and a lot about my personal style as a tall girl!

While in my real life I am a content producer in the entertainment biz (I basically write a lot and create marketing campaigns by the bucket load . . .) I also help out with my mum’s new business Phoenix and the Lion (link) which is all about antique, vintage and new home wares and furniture.


How tall are you?

5ft 11, officially. I just checked and damn. . . I’ve shrunk. I’m not entirely sure how this happened. . . (I’m pretty cut up about it actually; no wonder shopping has become easier! Or maybe I just go more, opps.
Matching red bag and shoes

Like or Loathe your height?

Love it. As a kid it was a different story however. After all, who wants to stand out of the crowd at that age? But as I grew older I definitely began loving my height and I still do. (Even when the clothes I want don’t fit!) 

Where do you buy most of your clothes?

Tricky . . . I seem to go through phases. At the moment it’s all about Next, Dorothy Perkins, Clarks and Gap but I also buy cheap shoes from New Look and I usually hit up the sales at Zara and H&ampM. That being said however Josh and I are going to go check out the long section at Boden next week so I’ll get back to you guys with my verdict. I love Boden anyhow (I already have a dress and jumper from there so to find that I can wear their trousers would be awesome!).  On a side note, if you want a cheap fix (and your body shape works with them) Primark do great jean lengths. Even their regular length is long enough for me! 

Are there any places you find the clothes too short?

I hate to say that I can’t shop anywhere; it’s like my worst nightmare but if I had to choose, Zara. Their jeans are definitely cropped on me. However if blogging this last year has taught me anything it’s to make fashion work for me (not the other way around.) So I do still buy their jeans. This is mainly because they fit great everywhere else and I just roll them up and wear them with heels instead! 
Rolled up jeans and heels- great tip and great look!
If you’re a little older I can also tell you that Country Casuals and Viyella are so not great for tall girls so unless you’re petite it’s a no go! John Lewis’s own brand clothes, again too short and Marks and Spencer’s unless it’s been made to be long on regular height people. 

What was it like growing up tall?

 It was good. I come from a tall family on my mum’s side where me and my mum are actually the shorter ones so it was never anything odd being tall it was just what we always were. If we have one bug bear it’s when as a kid, people would always come over and exclaim about how big you’ve gotten! I feel like we spent years trying to get people to say tall, not big.  (5foot10: Yes we so know 'that' feeling!  See my post 'TALL is not BIG!')

Any funny ‘tall person’ storied to share?

I literally have none. I have plenty of funny tales, but nothing tall specific. Gonna have to work on that now you’ve mentioned it however! I love Buzzfeed for all their tall thoughts . . . 17 everyday struggles of being tall (link), the absolute worst parts about being tall (link) and 'Everyday struggles of a tall girl' (video).

Jessica is a fan of vintage style
Who is your style inspiration?

Style inspiration? Tough one. In recent years it’s been all about the bloggers and not always even the tall ones. I’m a massive fan of people like Selective potential (link), Jen Loves Kev (link), Style of a London Tall Girl (link), Amy’s Vintage Closet (link) and Karla’s Closet (link). Celebrities wise I have always wanted to be as polished and consistent as Lauren Conrad (link) but I have realised now that I love colour and mixing it up too much to try to keep to one style/look forever. I also love the whimsy of Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls (link) so I like to add a bit of fun to most of my outfits nowadays. 
Channeling a little Lauren Conrad Style?

Any tall dressing style tips?

The hardest thing I have had to learn is to buy when it’s perfect and to not panic buy. Trying to remember that there will be more long jeans/tops and that they need to fit great everywhere else not just in leg/arm lengths has been a massive learning curve for me. So the best thing I can tell you is to shop for a wardrobe that suits you as the tall gorgeous woman that you are not what the trends dictate we should be buying.

What is the best thing about being tall?

Seeing over crowds? I’m not sure what the best thing is, all I know is I like being able to see over people especially at concerts when it never really matters where you stand you’ll always see somewhat and if you get pulled in a mosh pit you’re far less likely to be suffocated by everyone else around! (If you’ve ever stood at a Paramore concert you’ll probably know all about the poor petite girls being pulled out because of the heat!)
No need to take high heels to a gig!

And the worst?

Being taller than Josh in heels and . . . finding the perfect skirt lengths! Nightmare . . .

Tall + High heels.  Yes or No?

A yes! I would wear heels all the time if I could! However with a previous ankle injury it’s not always a possibility for me without falling out with my ankle!

Any words of wisdom you’d like to add?

Never be afraid to wear something because you feel like you might stand out even more! I like to think that I was tall for a reason and that’s not to be a shrinking violet!

'I was tall for a reason and that's not to be a shrinking violet!'

Thank you so much to Jessica for taking part in tall Talk Tuesday.  If you have enjoyed this post, have any comments or questions, please leave them below.  Stuck for words?  Please post a comment and say thank you to Jessica!  Don't forget to pay a visit to her blogs www.therealjlow.wordpress.com and thevintagecupboardlifestyles.wordpress.com or say hello to her on twitter.

Stand Tall x

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  1. Wow! I can't believe its up! I can't even re read my words, crazy! Thank you so much Emma! You're doing a great job over here! and I'm personally loving the new theme - the blue is so fresh!

    1. Thank you so much for taking part and sharing your wardrobe and style tips with us :) Thanks for the kind words on the redesign too! It still needs a little polishing but its a start! You have great style :) xx

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  4. That first outfit was so cute! So are the rest and you are beautiful! Would You like us to follow each other on GFC? Let me know on my blog! :)
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  5. Totally liking these spotlights on leggy ladies. I'm 6'2 so I appreciate the posts suggesting places to buy talls.


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