Saturday, 1 February 2014

Find: Vintage Jewellery Antique Blue Broach

There is something very special about a pre-loved vintage item.  It has a story, history and is generally unique.    Hard to find, and hard to replace.  Vintage jewellery is something that always draws the magpie in me.  I have a few pieces which I will share with you on 5 foot 10 in due course.  Today I showcase my vintage antique blue stone broach.
Isn't she pretty? My latest purchase, a blue stone antique broach.

This lovely item has stones arranged in a flower shape.  The stones (most likely blue glass with a glittery backing) are set into a sightly rose looking gold inlay.  In some antique broaches the spin locks can become loose so the broach comes undone and falls off easily.  Thankfully the clasp on this broach is holding up quite well.

I spotted this item in a local charity shop and paid the pricey sum of £6.  I would have paid a little bit more as I think it is gorgeous.  I'd love to know what stories it has to tell- cocktail parties (with glasses of Babycham?), graduation ceremonies, christenings, birthday....  It will jazz up my LBDs (Little Black Dresses) or any formal work outfit.  I'm not sure if I could dress it down, but I'm not sure I would want to.  It screams 'Vintage Hollywood Glamour' to me, and yes it is a bit of costume jewellery, but I've always thought Vintage Hollywood knew how to dress and present themselves.
I almost wish I could wear it back to front.

I can't really give you a link to buy one of these, but these sort of broaches do pop up on ebay (link) so do keep an eye on there, or do as I did and pop into your local charity shop.  You get a pre-loved item and the charity gets vital funds.

Are Vintage Broaches wearable in 2014?  Do you wear broaches?

Stand Tall x

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