Sunday, 23 February 2014

The World's Oldest Handbag!

The oldest surviving handbag in the world!
While reading the news yesterday I found out the world's oldest surviving handbag has been identified.  It was made in Mosel, Northern Iraq and looks pretty amazing considering it was made in the 14th Century!  Scientists were trying to work out what it was, and suggested all sorts of uses from a document wallet, to book bag.  Now, they have decided it is a women's handbag.

Scene on the lid using gold and silver on brass.

It is made of brass, inlaid with gold an silver.  The decoration shows Islamic scenes, with some reference to the Il-Khanid dynasty (Mongolian ruler who took over in the 14th Century).  Whats more it is currently on display at London's Courtauld Gallery till mid May (link) and costs entry costs just £3 if you go on a Monday!

See the lady looking at her reflection in the mirror?
Looking at the bag, I can't quite take in how old it is.  It looks like there was a strap (as there is a strap ring at the side).  It sort of reminds me of a metal lunch pail (but more ornate).  I love the Arabic and Moreish design with the beautiful scalloped edge- though I am not sure if it would be heavy to carry about.  That said, my (lighter material) bag is often too heavy.  If anyone else has to move my bag, they often groan and puff exclaiming how 'heavy' my bag is and 'what on earth do you carry about in it?'!  At least if my bag was metal, I would have an excuse as to its weight!
Was this lunch pail inspired by the oldest surviving handbag in the world?

This is one bag I would have loved to have seen on Youtube with a 'What's in my bag?' tag- even more so if a 14th century noble lady was presenting the video!  I wonder if this 'oldest surviving handbag' declaration will see any similar bags creep out of the woodwork.  I can sort of imagine Indiana Jones carting one of these about instead of his leather satchel- carrying lost treasures around safely.

I am predicting that one or two designers will have a collection out shortly, heavily influenced by this bag.  I like middle eastern design so I'd be quite happy to see this trend next season.

Do you like this bag?  Are you a fan of middle eastern design?

You can read more about this bag here.  Photos credited to Courtauld Gallery.

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