Sunday, 9 February 2014

Spend / Save: Chanel, Mulberry, Jolie Moi

Whether you take a token tiny purse (that holds a postage stamp and nothing else) or, like me, carry everything you may ever possibly need EVER in one large bag....handbags are essential.  The question is, do you invest in one or two classic handbags that will last for life OR do you take the elements, browse the trends and save by purchasing in several cheaper versions?  I found this Jolie Moi handbag and immediately thought of Chanel and Mulberry.

Chanel classic double flap purse (top left), Mulberry bayswater (top right), Jolie Moi mini leather bag (bottom)
Chanel's iconic classic double flap purse may go up in price each year, but it is an investment item.  It's one to be cherished and used for a lifetime.  These bags are expensive and rarely available new online unless 'pre-loved' (or fake!).   A new Classic Chanel bag retails for nearly £3000 so it's easy to see why second hand ones generally go for between £1000 - £2000 (although I did see one genuine second hand Chanel go for £600 recently on ebay).

An iconic British brand is Mulberry.  Leather bags made in Somerset.  These are pretty pricey too (but look more affordable next to the Chanel!).  Mulberry have been recently accused of getting too big for their boots and out pricing themselves.  More on that later, but for now, a trendy Bayswater bag will set you back a cool £895 (at Net-a-porter).

However if you fancy a hint of Mulberry and chanel, but not the hefty price tag then Jolie Moi could be the one for you.  Made of real leather, with a postman's lock (like Mulberry) and with a metal chain (hello hint of Chanel!) BUT with a cheaper price tag.  Jolie Moi's Mini Leather Bag was £65 but is now an ever more affordable £45 at House of Fraser.

Which bag to you prefer?  If they all cost the same, which bag would you pick up?

Stand Tall x
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  1. This is a very good find! Jolie Moi looks so so pretty! I want them all, but probably would pick a Mulberry :) Lina

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Lina :) I like Mulberry's too though my bank doesnt! :)


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