Friday, 26 September 2014

Decor: Lauren Conrad's Penthouse Apartment

Lauren Conrad is very put together.  It figures that her Beverly Hills penthouse apartment would be nothing less than perfect.  She is a woman who knows what colours and textures compliment each other.  How to use a space to it's best advantage.
Lauren Conrad in her penthouse apartment

For those who don't know Lauren, she came to the public eye through two of the very first  'reality tv' shows- 'Laguna Beach: The Real O.C.' following several teens during the last few years of high school, and 'The Hills' following a few of the Laguna Beach kids as they move to L.A. for college, careers, dating, partying, shopping and much more.  I recently re-watched 'The Hills' (it's very cheap to pick up individual DVDs and box sets on ebay- link) and it is a superficial pleasure.  I keep changing my mind over which series is the best, but currently 2 or 3!  

Lauren Conrad's penthouse bathroom.
Since her 'Hills' days Lauren has graduated from fashion school, created her own fashion collection and generally ring fenced her personal life from the public eye.  She has a good business sense and has managed to successfully transition from a 'reality tv star' into a respected business woman and consultant- something most 'reality stars' struggle to do.  Of course it helps that Lauren started from a privileged background, but she hasn't rested on her laurels and lived on the bank off the bank of mum and dad.  Lauren has earned her stripes and made her own path- something we all can learn from regardless of our starting point.
I love the mismatched smaller cushions, all on a monochrome theme.

For someone who is fairly private, Lauren let Instyle into her apartment and gave them a bit of a tour.  I love how everything feels light and airy, minimal and stylist... oh and her closet.... her closet is probably the size of most people's lounge!  I love the clutter free surfaces, and the careful placement of the items that are out.  Less is definitely more.  Lauren seems to favour light pastel hues, although there are one or two more colorful pieces.  Clutter free is easier to clean too.
Check out that closet.  Now that is a walk in wardrobe!

You can view the video here (link) and view pictures of her apartment here (link).

What do you think?

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Disclaimer: All photos credited to Instyle.

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