Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The most amazing socks!

I never thought I'd write a recommendation post on socks.  SOCKS!  Not exactly the most exciting item of a wardrobe, but these are worth a post on the blog.  BAM socks! (Does this name make anyone think of Batman beating up baddies?  BAM! KAPOW!)

BAM Bamboo Socks
They were a birthday gift last year, and I put them in my drawer until I had trainers and jeans day.  Given the bright pattern I needed to wear them with the right outfit!  The purchase was made for the novel idea that they are made from Bamboo and thus more ethical and sustainable than some other fabric sources.  My first thought was 'they're pretty, and soft, but I bet they wont wash well'.  How wrong could I be?

These socks are still as soft as when I was given them.  The colour hasn't run, and there are no wholes.  The moths haven't attacked them and they fit my feet perfectly.  All that sounds like a good pair of socks, but hardly 'amazing' I hear you say!  Well this is the amazing bit, that I didn't discover until I put them on the first time.  The toe box is made from soft, snuggly toweling.  This cushions your toes, not only keeping them warm but also helping to create a mini duvet for your feet.
A hidden, soft cushion for your toes!
If you are anything like me, once my feet get cold they are very difficult to warm up.  This means that in the colder months, appropriate socks are needed.  However if I wear those socks in the warmer months I find my feet overheating.  I have found BAM socks to regulate my feet perfectly.  I am not sure but I would think this has something to do with the natural fibers.

If you want to treat your feet, then I really recommend BAM socks.  Just don't feed them to a panda!

Bam socks are available for men and women and  come in a variety of colours from plain black to funky stripes.  You can find Bam online here, or at other outlets such as Riley and Silver (link) or amazon (link) and ebay (link).  It is also worth checking out your local natural health food shop to see if they are a stockist.

Bam make lots of yoga and sports wear too and if it is as good as the socks, it'd be perfect for working out in.

Stand Tall x
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