Sunday, 2 November 2014

Sunday Service: Autumn, Furniture Purchases and Make-up purging!

Just a round-up of life, news, links, and things I like.
I was walking through some beautiful autumn leaves a couple of days ago and had to stop to take a photo for instagram.  It was too good to miss.  Beautiful leaves and my blue converse trainers (purchased from the great selection at Long Tall Sally (link)).  

Weirdly the jeans were from Fat Face a few months back.  I was really, really surprised that they fit length wise.  If you want to check them out then here is the link- I think they were the Smithy Bootcut Darkest Rinse Jeans.  Soft fabric with a bit of stretch.  Don't forget that if you are a student they will give you money off (and some stores have 20% off for students at the moment).

I actually needed a piece of furniture this week, so after stalking pinterest for a day (link) I headed off round the shops.  I ended up narrowing it down and then going between Next Home, Laura Ashley, Home Sense and Dunelm repeatedly.  I was actually a little scared at how giddy Home Sense made me.  I could actually legitimately buy things from there and not feel guilty!  Yes I know it is mass produced and most people will have the same things... but it still has this way of making me want to buy fifty things I didn't know I needed.  I know I have nowhere to put 10 cushions... but I still wanted them.  (I did spot a bunch of NEOM organics for £5-£10 and This Works deep sleep products, so if you are after a bargain then head to Home Sense (or it's sister store TK Maxx).  Sadly I have to go back to Dunelm.... hide my bank card!

I want that chair, and candle, and bed, and cushion and, and, and...

Finally, I've been poorly this last few weeks.  It wasn't caused by makeup but it did serve as a timely reminder that generally makeup and skincare products have expiry dates and that clearing them our periodically is good for your health!  Take mascara for example, each time you use it you are transferring bacteria from the tube to your face, and then new bacteria from your face into the tube (unless you use a new mascara wand each dip!).  Same with lipsticks, pencils, lipglosses (especially the tubs you dip your finger in), and some skincare.

The general rules are;
If it is broken or smells/looks weird... chuck it.  My recycle bin is now full.  I felt a little guilty but I now have a bit more space and will 'shop my stash' more!

See what Bobbi Brown says here (link).  Or see what I wrote way back in 2009! (link)  Bobbi uses cute graphics- I appear to have lost the pictures on my post, but the words are still there.

That's all for this Sunday Service.  What has your week been like?

Stand Tall x

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