Thursday, 20 November 2014

Want / Wish / Wear 3: Winter Brights

I always feel really frumpy and lethargic in winter, so I decided to revamp my wardrobe and fake a bit of energy by wearing bright colours.  I may feel like hibernating, but my clothes are radiating a little brightness!

1) I have a slight addiction to Oasis' blouses.  They are light, perfectly tailored and have adjustable sleeves so can be worn in spring and summer too.  When I saw this lime blouse (although Oasis call it 'Yellow', but it's more a hot, bright lime)... I purchased two.  (Does anyone else purchase two of something they love??!)  I have the same blouse cut in several other colours and patterns and have had a lot of compliments (link).  I now have my eye on the teal one (link).

2) Long Tall Sally Herringbone Aline Magenta skirt.  I am a big fan of A-line skirts- flattering to the figure and easy to style for formal or casual wear, however many don't have pockets.  I am a practical girl and I love my trousers and skirts to have pockets.  (It feels wrong if they don't have pockets- maybe that is just me?)  The colour caught my eye, and I plan on pairing it with the cobalt blue coat... unless that is a bit bright... (link).

3) Wallis Cobalt Blue Funnel Coat (currently on offer with 20% off!) (link) I love this coat and it fits perfectly.  Having mostly had dark coloured coats, I felt it was time to brighten my outdoor attire.  A simple way to lift any outfit. 
Bright Coats.  Why not?

4) I'm now on the look out for a nice burgundy (or red) chunky scarf so I can keep the winter chills at bay.  I found this one on ASOS (link), though I am still determined to knit one at some point in my life!  If you know any good knitting sites, let me know!

5) Oasis Hummingbird jumper top.  I've actually been finding that I can wear quite a few items at Oasis, so it seems they are catering for the slightly taller girl.  Layering tops (or cheating and buying a 'fake' layered top) is a great way to gain an extra bit of length- especially with the current trend for cropped jumpers.  This one at Oasis caught my eye- I'm a sucker for vintage inspired (bird) prints (link).

Are bright colours just for summer?  How are you brightening your winter wardrobe?  

Stand Tall x


  1. Hi!!
    I didn't know rhe brand Oasis but seems it has very interesting clothes. The blue coat has an amazing colour, love its cut and the bright buttons. The burgundy scarf is definetely a good purchase, well, all burgundy staff it is actually a good purchase this season ;)
    I also buy two equal items in different colour when I find out they perfectly fit, all women do... But in out case is our main danger when we find something we like and fit us!
    Very nice post! We'll done for the bright colours!
    Have a nice weekend!
    antes Alta que sinsilla | Tall never meant sinsilla

    1. Hi Patricia, Thanks for your comment. I can't wear everything at Oasis (I used to avoid it completely) but I have found more things fitting me there. It is great because they have a lot of pretty items. I am glad I am not the only person who buys two of the same item! I do get a little over excited when things fit! Have a great weekend too xx


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