Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tall Star Style: Kate Middleton 5ft 10

The first of many posts of Tall Star Style.  I thought I would start with someone who has been a frequent part of this year's news. Duchess Catherine Middleton!

 Kate Middleton 5 ft 10
Kate wears Zara Dress, L. K. Bennett Shoes and (unconfirmed) River Island Jacket (Oh and the future king of England on her arm).

Kate's general style seems to be country chic.  She often wears simple plain items, layered on top of each other.  A pair of trousers teamed with a t-shirt and blazer, or a plain dress and jacket.  Of course it helps that she doesn't ever have to walk very far- instead being driven about by armored guard.  This means she is never in the cold for very long (unlike most of us)!  Her evening wear tends to be very plain in colour, but elegant long lines, teamed with simple accessories.  Notice how all the styles clinch in her at her waist, and go down to the floor- no tall girl problems for her!
Yellow 40s inspired dress by Jenny Packham.
Kate in McQueen with a nautical theme, and Prada shoes.
Country Chic?

Kate in Issa- the brand she also wore for her engagement announcement.
Kate in Amanda Wakeley.

Simple jeans, flats and a tucked in blouse.

Simple jeans, LKBennett shoes, plane jacket and ruffle blouse.

The LKBennett wedges again! Casual Kate.  I think its a Mulberry Jacket.

Shops at:
Kate likes to champion British 'high street' Fashion however some of it is not very 'highstreet'!  Known favorite stores include;
Jigsaw (where she used to work)

Most of the upper end designers such as Issa are on Net-a-Porter and My Wardrobe although it's worth looking on Ebay for items, especially the high street items!

L. K. Bennett

She seems to favour the 'nude pump' as a day to day staple.  Her favorite pair are the Nude Sledge heels from L. K Bennett.  She also likes Jimmy Choo but for those of use with a more modest budget, Kate has been seen wearing navy pumps which have been cited as Prada or these Barratts Navy 3.5inch pumps (which are now reduced to £20!!)

Of course I couldn't do a post on Kate Middleton's Style without posting 'that' dress.  So here you are, Kate Middleton on her wedding day wearing two Alexander McQueen wedding dresses.  Notice how they accentuate her tiny frame into an hourglass shape?  (There were hip pads underneath!)

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Wedding dress.
Evening gown/wedding dress.  Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

P.s. Just to prove that she is one of us- here she is with a little (only a little) 'tall girl stoop'

What do you think of Kate's style?  Does she play it too safe?
Stand Tall x

(All pictures taken from The Daily Mail, Telegraph, Guardian or the retail site.  Copyright remains with the holder).


  1. I love her style, it's classic and simple but she always looks stunning. To be honest, I didn't know she's 5ft10;)It's good she's not afraid to wear high heels!

  2. I love love love LOVED her evening bridal gown. so beautiful! And she always dresses well, definitly prefer her to pippa im afraid!
    Great post

  3. Hi Marta. I was surprised to find that out too! I think she looks very classy :) xx

    @Evelyn Thanks so much. It is a beautiful dress- and give us some tall inspiration! Thanks for the comment xx

  4. The Duchess looks amazing (as always), and how she was blessed with size 5/6 shoe, is beyond me (lucky lady).

    Lovely blog :)

  5. Hi Serenity, she does look great. Thanks so much xx

  6. There are a couple retailers that, while they don't do a specifically do a tall range; they can come up quite long in the leg and body. Zara, Reiss and Whistles are a few good places to try, all though they're not particularly cheap places to shop. I'm a personal stylist and am finding that I'm getting more and more tall clients as they're finding it increasingly difficult to source clothing that both fits and is on trend. It’s so hard for tall women and this blog is an awesome place to get information from if you struggle. I will be passing it onto some of my clients, Niki x


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