Monday, 28 November 2011

Tall Stories: TALL is not BIG!

This post was planned, but after a chat with  @Domrocks on twitter I bumped it to the top of the pile.

Ever been called 'big' when people mean 'tall'? Yes? Hurts doesn't it!

Just because we have height does not mean we are tall round our bellies!! We are not vertically challenged, but we might be horizontally challenged!

I have lost count of the amount of times I have gone into a shop and picked up a 'tall' item, only to find that it fits like a tend.  Since when does 5ft 10" mean that I am a size 16, 18 or more?  I look after myself and am a healthy weight for my height.  Of course I would like to be a bit thinner, a bit more toned, but then who doesn't?!  However I fall into size 8, 10 or 12 depending on the store (now THAT is a topic in it's own right!!).  A number of times these items will fall short on the torso, and if I want to cover it up, I have to go up a size or two!

Being called 'big boned' is one thing.  We tallies are big boned if you think about it, but being called 'Big' is a whole different kettle of fish. 

So to anyone reading this, the majority of us are tall but never 'Big'.  Most of us already feel like giants, but please don't make us feel like big fat giants!  It's amazing what affect a simple comment can have on our self-esteem and body image.  Our shoes might look like small canoes on each foot (Tali's phrase), but at least our feet are not too bloated to fit into shoes!!  We might need an extra bit of leg room on airplanes or aisle seats for our legs, but we never need to book two seats just to fit out bottoms in!!  (And even if we are a little on the podgy side, then have some tact and don't mention it!!) Got it?!

Have people ever used different words to describe your height?  Any tales to raise a smile?

Stand Tall!

P.s. Don't forget that 5foot10 is on blogspot and twitter.  Feel free to post a link on your twitter/blog to draw fellow 'tallies' into the family xx

More posts to follow, I've just had a bit of a tough week.


  1. It's happened before.. mostly due to a language difference (a foreigner speaking english.) I just correct the person.

    I know it sounds odd.. but I kind of think of other people as being small. To me 'normal' height is 5ft8. So I feel only slightly on the taller size. After all when it comes to fashion the models on the runway are our height. The prototypes are our size. The higher end designers cater to our height mainly. Therefor we are the ideal.

    The clothes sizing thing is a pain but its also the cheap way brands manufacture their clothes. Not much investment = dodgy sizing. I think even short people have an issue when it comes to being JUST one size. Especially now with all this vanity sizing going on. I actually bought a uk 4 the other day in a dress.. I am not a 4!!

  2. Hi Tali, it depends on who I am talking to- sometimes its just old people saying 'aren't you a big girl'. I normally just smile weakly!

    I have a post on average heights coming up, but I think Croatian heights are amongst the tallest, and UK is around 5ft 4. Totally agree with you about runway heights.

    I hate vanity sizing, I wish they would sort it out. I tend to only pick up vest tops and basics from some of the cheaper shops as I just dont fit anything. I think I was heading into size 6 territory the other day- which I am not! We'll get there! xx

  3. Oh my days, so many people used to say to me 'arent you big!' and if my mum was there she used to reply with 'aren't you fat!'. mortified!
    And dont get me started on sizings or canoe shoes, i would kill for some size 9 shoes from the high street. my local new look (the only place that is vaguely fashionable and i can afford) never stocks size 9s ever and its a big store in a city centre!

  4. Ooo I'll have to remember that reply!! Shoes :( You could always try new look online or Dorothy Perkins online? I have had some nice shoes from both and have just notice DP online has a shoes sale on xx

  5. The minute I found your blog it brought a smile to my face....I'm 6ft 2 and regularly get comments, looks, etc. Two old men stopped me the other day actually and said that they would need a ladder to talk to's funny now but at the time it kind of hurt my feelings.

    And when you mentioned the tall ranges not being right...I agree...I have 34ich leg and the 'tall' ranges in shops just don't go that frustrates me! I've found New Look to be the store to go though (:



  6. Hi Emma (Good name!) Old people can say things without thinking sometimes- but they mean well.

    I will have to have a look at NL again- when I tried a few years back I couldnt get into the trousers :( Thanks for the tip- will have a look and see if they fit better now :) xx

  7. The average height for women in croatia went up very recently. I know im considered short there!! lol

  8. just discovered this blog, look forward to more posts...stand tall x

  9. Hi Tali- I loved visiting because I felt normal height!! xx

    Hi Imo, Thanks so much- hope I don't disappoint! xx

  10. well I am tall AND 5ft 10...and a size 20....I always get called a big girl...and never liked it...I'm not even a 'girl' anymore...I'm far too old for that title..

    some times people dont engage brain before opening mouth

    Happy New Year!

    1. Every word is precious- use them wisely! Happy belated new year to you too! :)

  11. Lol so true! For me who wears a UK10 in shoes, I get some shoes and they are just laaaaarge; well they say wide but tall does not me large or big!

    1. Glad I'm not the only one who has issues with clothing manufacture sizes! I have shoes issues too :(

  12. People think that tall equal big when it is NOT! Each time I try to get shoes that fit me, they are always wide like tall girls have big feet! grrrrrrrr


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