Monday, 5 December 2011

Clothes Show: OOTD

Yesterday I visited The Clothes Show in Birmingham, courtsey of Diet Coke.  I have done a preliminary post on my adventures on my Beauty Blog so feel free to have a nose!

I thought I would do a little Outfit of the Day post here.  I look a bit evil but its one of two photos I have of me there and this is the less blurry of the two :(

Shoes (Out of shot) Brown Many Janes from Clarks.  Low heel, very comfy!  I was on my feet all day and only once did they start to ache.

Black Leggins H&M

Denim Jacket (which fits perfectly on a tall-y like me H&M (Last season, but they do sometimes do other jackets in this style.  Its skims the hips, but has the right length arms.  Thank you H&M!  (It looks a bit odd in the picture due to my gigantic underarm bag...)

Ditsy Print Meadow Tea Dress French Connection.  It was about 3 inches longer but the care label said the wrong washing instructions :( I keep trying to stretch it back each time I wear it!  They do other colours and prints in this style each year and they retail for around £50.  Worth checking on this time of year to try and pick up light wear bargains!

Grey crotchet short sleeve cardigan / waistcoat (just poking out from under the jacket). This just added an extra layer for the cold outdoors, but didnt make me overheat indoors!

Bag: My beloved Topshop bowling bag.  I can fit an elephant in there.  It was around £40

Red tips to the ends of my hair will be revealed on my beauty blog soon :)

It was a fun day- I did buy some clothes (which I will share at some point).  I also saw one girl who was about 6ft 5.  I think she was one of only 2 people I saw who were naturally taller than me- but I actually enjoyed being tall at this show- I could see into the stands over people's heads ;)

What did you do this weekend?  Are OOTD posts appreciated here?
Stand Tall x

P.s. I have 12 days of giveaways on my beauty blog for Christmas, and any 5foot10 readers are more than welcome to enter them by leaving a comment.  It's just my way of saying 'thank you'!

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