Monday, 12 December 2011

Tall Star Style: Liv Tyler 5ft 10

After featuring 5ft 10 Kate Middleton in the first 'Tall star style' I am now presenting to you the second installement.  I did think about featuring Princess Diana (who would be Kate Middleton's Mother-in-law if she was still alive).  I found out the other day that Princess Di was 5ft 10 too!  Strange coincidence!

Today I saw a lovely picture of Liv Tyler and remembered that she is 5ft 10.  NOT all of these posts will be 5ft 10 celebrities, but I thought I would start the first posts at this height to fit in with the blog name!

Live Tyler is the daughter of model Bebe Buell and Areosmith frontman Steve Tyler.  No wonder she is so stunningly beautiful and tall!


Live doesn't always get it right in some people's eyes, but always embraces what she wears.  She fluctuates between classic chic heeled pumps, tights, dress and mac combination, and hippy inspired floral / loud prints.  I guess that is the result of her mum's classic model style, and her dad's hedonistic, indulgent band persona!
 DKNY dress, Givenchy bag, Louboutin shoes
Givenchy jacket, Proenza bag, Chloe Sevigny tights, Weitzman boots
 Liv at the Met wearing..... Givenchy.

Here she is during a shopping trip to Aedes wearing simple flats, denim dress and navy cardigan.

Daily Mail
Liv wearing Louboutin pumps (again) and a clever hourglass shaped dress by Stella McCartney- see how the black panels give the illusion of a smaller waist?

She likes to hint at classic style and vintage hair/makeup, but most pictures seem to show her hair down and natural when she is 'off duty'.
Of course, most makeup artists will make a feature of her full lips!

Shops at
High end designer mostly unfortunately.
Givenchy- well she is a brand ambassador and singing for their new ad!
It's actually been hard to find evidence of other designers Liv likes!

Places like;

Liv is quoted as liking European style such as Isabel Marant, G-Star and Alexander McQueen.
At any rate, most of it is high end designer, rather than vintage or high street.

Christian Louboutin!
Ballet flats 

This has been a tough one to research and compose.  Not much to go on, but mostly pieces we could only dream of seeing, let a lone wearing!  Can you find Liv in any 'high street' pieces?  Zara, Topshop, River Island, Forever 21? No? Me neither!!
I like her vintage Tea dresses style, but I think that as she works for Givenchy, she probably has to wear their outfits a lot!  One to admire and file I think!

 Any thoughts on Liv's Style?

Stand Tall x

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  1. Awww, Liv is my ultimate girl crush;) Love her! She's really classy.

  2. Thanks for the comment Marta. She is very pretty- and tall :) Yay xx


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