Friday, 18 November 2011

Welcome to 5 foot 10.

It's finally here.  After months of thinking about it I have taken the plunge and created 

5 foot 10 - The Tall Girl's Guide.

One day I woke up, and I was tall.  Clothes didn't fit.  Trousers became cropped trousers.  Tops became crop tops.  I started hitting my head on ceilings and developed a stoop.  I started to hate shopping as it was just a form of torment to see all the pretty things I couldn't wear.  I didn't want to stick out, yet if I wanted shoes with heels I suddenly became 6 foot 2 and towered over the 'normal people'.  As a teenager I just wanted to blend in.  It's an awkward time, let alone when people describe you as 'the tall girl'.  

"Which one is she?" 
"The tall one over there"

Fast forward a few years and I have learned to work with my body and use it's advantages.  Height is one of them.  No more lurking in the corner!

If you are a fellow tall person I hope you will enjoy my tales, tips and shopping advice.
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Let the fun begin.

Stand Tall x


  1. Yeah, this blog will be fun!! I'm 5'8 so not that big, but I've been this height FOR EVER and was the tallest person in the entire school (middle school) for ages, puberty hit me early, haha!

    But still, every single dress is indecent on me and NEEDS leggings, and I'm not even that tall, ARGH. And because of that, dresses from the really sparse 'tall' section are way too long for me *headbang*


  2. Hi Sarah, Welcome aboard! I hope I can live up to the challenge I've set, with creating a good tall girl blog! xxx

  3. Oh and I totally hear you with the leggings thing! I have several pairs! xx

  4. Wow, that's an amazing idea for a blog! I look forward to reading your stories and tips for 5ft10 girls;)!
    p.s. love the drawing, that's exactly how I look like in the crowd :P

  5. Hi Marta, Thanks so much. Welcome aboard to you too. I'm glad I'm not the only one :) xx

  6. LOL I just think other people are freakishly small :)
    Good luck on the new blog! xx

  7. Hi Tali- good thinking! Thanks so much xx

  8. If 5ft10 is tall, then I must be a giant at 6ft1.
    Looking forward to reading your blog :)

  9. Hi Glitter and Kohl, we're all tall together. Thanks for the comment :) xx

  10. I'm not tall but I'm looking forward to reading your new blog, it sounds like a great idea

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. I'll be reading along even though I am a total shortie :) I'm always jealous of you tall gals so looking forward to reading what it's like!

  12. Hi Jazzy! Hurrah! You're not a giant here! :) xx

    @Hannah You are more than welcome- I hope that you will find some of the material inspiring :)xx

    @Katherine Aw everyone is welcome. :) xx

  13. This is a great idea! Im hoping to incorporate tall issues into my blog, i'm 5"11! My boyfriend only has an inch on me and high heels make me about 6 foot 3! Where are the really tall men? Thats what i really want to know!!

  14. Hi Evelyn Thanks so much. I have some posts drafted on things like that- but yes, where are they?! Show yourself if you are a tall man reading this!! xx

  15. Hi - another 5ft 10 person here !

    Will keep an eye on your blog...mind you I have to say there are alot more tall girls nowadays that there were in my day ( I'm 54)..

    Good Luck

    Diana x

  16. Hi Diana, Thanks so much for the comment. I think we are growing taller over time. I just wish we were a little more catered for! xx

  17. I look like that in every photo too!

    Out of interest- what size are your feet??

    I am 5'9.5" and size 8 feet... that used to be one of the biggest nightmares of being tall but more places are stocking a true 8 (42) now rather than calling a 7 an 8.

    1. Hi Anna, It depends slightly on the make or style, but I am generally a size 7, although have sometimes had to go up to a 7.5 or 8. Like wearing small boats on my feet! Oh well! xx


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