Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sunday Service: Pixiwoo Style, Short Men and Cobblestones

Just a round-up of life, news, links, and things I like.

Just in case some of you missed the post about Sam Chapman (one half of Pixiwoo) and her amazing style then click this link.  I've had some great feedback from it, and there are some more in the pipeline.  She is 5' 10" and a style inspiration.
Sophie Dahl and Jamie Cullum

2) I was interested to read a BBC article this morning about how short men make better husbands.  This quote stuck out;

"In fact, people who have this kind of freedom rarely use it well. Fashion models, free to choose, inevitably choose rock stars - and since rock stars, freed by their glamour to choose, invariably choose to take a lot of drugs and go on the road and smash up hotel rooms in preference to being in a stable relationship, the models are always badly disappointed by their choice. You see them crying on the shoulders of the short men - dipping their long swan-like necks way down to do so, perhaps, but there you are, they do. Frequent failure is the true price of free choice"

The article touches on how short men are cute, like penguin chicks... That and how Napoleon wasn't actually as short as we generally make out (due to different measuring systems).  I'm not sure I agree with the article completely though it would be interesting to know how many if us girls have dated (or married) a shorter guy (or how many of you guys have dated a taller woman)?  You can read the piece here (link ).

Cobblestones and high heels.... potential for danger!

3) I went out to a nice traditional English town this weekend and found myself walking on some rather small cobbled stones, in heels.  I had to slow my pace quite considerably, to try and avoid damaging my ankles.  It got me thinking about how ladies (and men) have worn heels and attempted to walk over those very stones, and potentially done themselves a mischief.  I'm not saying I would get rid of them- they are far too pretty!  Is there a knack to walking over cobblestones in heels?  Answers in the comments below!

That's all for this Sunday.  I hope your weekend has been good!  I have been posting daily, and I am trying to keep posting regularly.  Let me know if you have any post requests.

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