Who are you?
My name is Emma. I am a blogger and writer.  I write a Beauty and Tech Blog called Computergirl's Musings under the moniker Computergirl.

I decided to create 5 foot 10 as a space where I could chat about fashion and life.  As the title suggests, I am on the tall side and this affects a few aspects of my life- clothes, shoes, accessories, products, health and life.  However this blog covers all sorts of topics, and is applicable to anyone of any height.

I also feature other bloggers (of any height) as part of my Tall Talk Tuesday series (click here to see previous posts or how you can take part)!

How tall are you?
5' 10".  Sometimes 5' 9", or 5' 9.5"  or even 5'11".  It depends on the time of day.

How much is this in cm?
Roughly 1m 77.8cm
Have you always been tall?

For as long as I can remember I have been above average height.  I remember being referred to as 'the tall one' at primary school.

Do you like being tall?
It has positives and negatives.  I used to loath it when I was at school but as I grew older I realised that everyone feels self-conscious during their teens.  If I wasn't a bit above average height then I would have no doubt found something else to feel self-conscious about.  Now I am trying to make up for lost time. 

Do you need a special bed for tall people?

Why are you tall?
Height is product of genetics and environment- I was fortunate enough to grow up with a healthy balanced diet so I am sure that helped.

Have you taken medicine to make you grown?
No.  I have never taken any medicine or supplements to make me grow taller.  If you are looking to get taller then I can't really help.  Just embrace what you have.