Monday, 12 December 2011

Tall Star Style: Liv Tyler 5ft 10

After featuring 5ft 10 Kate Middleton in the first 'Tall star style' I am now presenting to you the second installement.  I did think about featuring Princess Diana (who would be Kate Middleton's Mother-in-law if she was still alive).  I found out the other day that Princess Di was 5ft 10 too!  Strange coincidence!

Today I saw a lovely picture of Liv Tyler and remembered that she is 5ft 10.  NOT all of these posts will be 5ft 10 celebrities, but I thought I would start the first posts at this height to fit in with the blog name!

Live Tyler is the daughter of model Bebe Buell and Areosmith frontman Steve Tyler.  No wonder she is so stunningly beautiful and tall!


Live doesn't always get it right in some people's eyes, but always embraces what she wears.  She fluctuates between classic chic heeled pumps, tights, dress and mac combination, and hippy inspired floral / loud prints.  I guess that is the result of her mum's classic model style, and her dad's hedonistic, indulgent band persona!
 DKNY dress, Givenchy bag, Louboutin shoes
Givenchy jacket, Proenza bag, Chloe Sevigny tights, Weitzman boots
 Liv at the Met wearing..... Givenchy.

Here she is during a shopping trip to Aedes wearing simple flats, denim dress and navy cardigan.

Daily Mail
Liv wearing Louboutin pumps (again) and a clever hourglass shaped dress by Stella McCartney- see how the black panels give the illusion of a smaller waist?

She likes to hint at classic style and vintage hair/makeup, but most pictures seem to show her hair down and natural when she is 'off duty'.
Of course, most makeup artists will make a feature of her full lips!

Shops at
High end designer mostly unfortunately.
Givenchy- well she is a brand ambassador and singing for their new ad!
It's actually been hard to find evidence of other designers Liv likes!

Places like;

Liv is quoted as liking European style such as Isabel Marant, G-Star and Alexander McQueen.
At any rate, most of it is high end designer, rather than vintage or high street.

Christian Louboutin!
Ballet flats 

This has been a tough one to research and compose.  Not much to go on, but mostly pieces we could only dream of seeing, let a lone wearing!  Can you find Liv in any 'high street' pieces?  Zara, Topshop, River Island, Forever 21? No? Me neither!!
I like her vintage Tea dresses style, but I think that as she works for Givenchy, she probably has to wear their outfits a lot!  One to admire and file I think!

 Any thoughts on Liv's Style?

Stand Tall x

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Monday, 5 December 2011

Clothes Show: OOTD

Yesterday I visited The Clothes Show in Birmingham, courtsey of Diet Coke.  I have done a preliminary post on my adventures on my Beauty Blog so feel free to have a nose!

I thought I would do a little Outfit of the Day post here.  I look a bit evil but its one of two photos I have of me there and this is the less blurry of the two :(

Shoes (Out of shot) Brown Many Janes from Clarks.  Low heel, very comfy!  I was on my feet all day and only once did they start to ache.

Black Leggins H&M

Denim Jacket (which fits perfectly on a tall-y like me H&M (Last season, but they do sometimes do other jackets in this style.  Its skims the hips, but has the right length arms.  Thank you H&M!  (It looks a bit odd in the picture due to my gigantic underarm bag...)

Ditsy Print Meadow Tea Dress French Connection.  It was about 3 inches longer but the care label said the wrong washing instructions :( I keep trying to stretch it back each time I wear it!  They do other colours and prints in this style each year and they retail for around £50.  Worth checking on this time of year to try and pick up light wear bargains!

Grey crotchet short sleeve cardigan / waistcoat (just poking out from under the jacket). This just added an extra layer for the cold outdoors, but didnt make me overheat indoors!

Bag: My beloved Topshop bowling bag.  I can fit an elephant in there.  It was around £40

Red tips to the ends of my hair will be revealed on my beauty blog soon :)

It was a fun day- I did buy some clothes (which I will share at some point).  I also saw one girl who was about 6ft 5.  I think she was one of only 2 people I saw who were naturally taller than me- but I actually enjoyed being tall at this show- I could see into the stands over people's heads ;)

What did you do this weekend?  Are OOTD posts appreciated here?
Stand Tall x

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Tall Stories: TALL is not BIG!

This post was planned, but after a chat with  @Domrocks on twitter I bumped it to the top of the pile.

Ever been called 'big' when people mean 'tall'? Yes? Hurts doesn't it!

Just because we have height does not mean we are tall round our bellies!! We are not vertically challenged, but we might be horizontally challenged!

I have lost count of the amount of times I have gone into a shop and picked up a 'tall' item, only to find that it fits like a tend.  Since when does 5ft 10" mean that I am a size 16, 18 or more?  I look after myself and am a healthy weight for my height.  Of course I would like to be a bit thinner, a bit more toned, but then who doesn't?!  However I fall into size 8, 10 or 12 depending on the store (now THAT is a topic in it's own right!!).  A number of times these items will fall short on the torso, and if I want to cover it up, I have to go up a size or two!

Being called 'big boned' is one thing.  We tallies are big boned if you think about it, but being called 'Big' is a whole different kettle of fish. 

So to anyone reading this, the majority of us are tall but never 'Big'.  Most of us already feel like giants, but please don't make us feel like big fat giants!  It's amazing what affect a simple comment can have on our self-esteem and body image.  Our shoes might look like small canoes on each foot (Tali's phrase), but at least our feet are not too bloated to fit into shoes!!  We might need an extra bit of leg room on airplanes or aisle seats for our legs, but we never need to book two seats just to fit out bottoms in!!  (And even if we are a little on the podgy side, then have some tact and don't mention it!!) Got it?!

Have people ever used different words to describe your height?  Any tales to raise a smile?

Stand Tall!

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More posts to follow, I've just had a bit of a tough week.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Tall Star Style: Kate Middleton 5ft 10

The first of many posts of Tall Star Style.  I thought I would start with someone who has been a frequent part of this year's news. Duchess Catherine Middleton!

 Kate Middleton 5 ft 10
Kate wears Zara Dress, L. K. Bennett Shoes and (unconfirmed) River Island Jacket (Oh and the future king of England on her arm).

Kate's general style seems to be country chic.  She often wears simple plain items, layered on top of each other.  A pair of trousers teamed with a t-shirt and blazer, or a plain dress and jacket.  Of course it helps that she doesn't ever have to walk very far- instead being driven about by armored guard.  This means she is never in the cold for very long (unlike most of us)!  Her evening wear tends to be very plain in colour, but elegant long lines, teamed with simple accessories.  Notice how all the styles clinch in her at her waist, and go down to the floor- no tall girl problems for her!
Yellow 40s inspired dress by Jenny Packham.
Kate in McQueen with a nautical theme, and Prada shoes.
Country Chic?

Kate in Issa- the brand she also wore for her engagement announcement.
Kate in Amanda Wakeley.

Simple jeans, flats and a tucked in blouse.

Simple jeans, LKBennett shoes, plane jacket and ruffle blouse.

The LKBennett wedges again! Casual Kate.  I think its a Mulberry Jacket.

Shops at:
Kate likes to champion British 'high street' Fashion however some of it is not very 'highstreet'!  Known favorite stores include;
Jigsaw (where she used to work)

Most of the upper end designers such as Issa are on Net-a-Porter and My Wardrobe although it's worth looking on Ebay for items, especially the high street items!

L. K. Bennett

She seems to favour the 'nude pump' as a day to day staple.  Her favorite pair are the Nude Sledge heels from L. K Bennett.  She also likes Jimmy Choo but for those of use with a more modest budget, Kate has been seen wearing navy pumps which have been cited as Prada or these Barratts Navy 3.5inch pumps (which are now reduced to £20!!)

Of course I couldn't do a post on Kate Middleton's Style without posting 'that' dress.  So here you are, Kate Middleton on her wedding day wearing two Alexander McQueen wedding dresses.  Notice how they accentuate her tiny frame into an hourglass shape?  (There were hip pads underneath!)

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Wedding dress.
Evening gown/wedding dress.  Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

P.s. Just to prove that she is one of us- here she is with a little (only a little) 'tall girl stoop'

What do you think of Kate's style?  Does she play it too safe?
Stand Tall x

(All pictures taken from The Daily Mail, Telegraph, Guardian or the retail site.  Copyright remains with the holder).

Friday, 18 November 2011

Welcome to 5 foot 10.

It's finally here.  After months of thinking about it I have taken the plunge and created 

5 foot 10 - The Tall Girl's Guide.

One day I woke up, and I was tall.  Clothes didn't fit.  Trousers became cropped trousers.  Tops became crop tops.  I started hitting my head on ceilings and developed a stoop.  I started to hate shopping as it was just a form of torment to see all the pretty things I couldn't wear.  I didn't want to stick out, yet if I wanted shoes with heels I suddenly became 6 foot 2 and towered over the 'normal people'.  As a teenager I just wanted to blend in.  It's an awkward time, let alone when people describe you as 'the tall girl'.  

"Which one is she?" 
"The tall one over there"

Fast forward a few years and I have learned to work with my body and use it's advantages.  Height is one of them.  No more lurking in the corner!

If you are a fellow tall person I hope you will enjoy my tales, tips and shopping advice.
 Don't forget to follow if you want to keep up to date!

Let the fun begin.

Stand Tall x