Saturday, 21 January 2012

Exciting Updates! Blogger Heights and Hall of Shame.

5 foot 10 now has a 'Blogger Heights' page where you can add your height and see who else is your height.  I got so fed up of seeing lovely clothes on other bloggers/Youtubers, ordering them online and then finding they didn't fit me.  Take for example the time I saw a lovely dress on Fleurdeforce.  Stunning (but then Fleur's style is stunning and she looks amazing in everything!).  Anyway, I placed and order online, as you do, and opened the parcel with excitement.  The dress was gorgeous, bright and perfect.  I then tried aforementioned dress on, only to find that while for Fleur it was equal to a dress, for tall me it was equal to ... a top.  If I tried to wear it out on a night out, I would end up photographed and splashed across 'The Daily Mail' under the heading 'Britiain's trashy women catch / brave hypothermia for fashion'.  You get the picture?!

(The sad thing is, I should have known Fleur is shorter than me as I have met her in real life!! Silly Emma!!)

Blogger Heights will hopefully be useful to everyone (tall or not) when wondering how tall a blogger / youtuber is and if their clothes will fit us.  Let's face it, we all try to steal a few wardrobe inspirations off each other, don't we?!  Hopefully it should also be a nice index of bloggers too- don't forget that * means the person is primarily a fashion blogger!  The more people who are added to this page, the better it will work- so please add yourself by leaving a comment!

Another new site addition is the 'Tall of Shame' page (see top bar of links).  Ever bought an item only to find it is made for mini-people?  Ever found that a brand thinks all small sized people are short, and all average to large sizes must be really tall?  Do you have a list of shops which you cant visit because they do not cater for the taller lady?  SHARE your shopping shame by adding them to the 'Tall of Shame'!   Similarly if you have good brands to recommend then leave a comment on the 'Clothes Shops' and I will add them!  I will be doing some posts on these topics in due course!

NEXT POST: Recent Hauls :)

Stand Tall x

P.s. I am following blogs, but my blogger dashboard keeps telling me I am following none. Anyone know how to fix this?  :/

Friday, 13 January 2012

OOTD: (& sales!!)

 I have been a bit manic over the last few weeks with a spate of giveaway and beauty posts on Computergirl's Musings , oh and that little thing called Christmas and New Year... So here I am kicking off 5 foot 10 in 2012 with a what I wore to work Outfit of the Day :)

I admire anyone who does these regularly.  I find it so hard to photograph myself!!  IF you have any tips then let me know!!

I went for a few layers, although this makes me look a little frumpy in this picture- I assure you that it's my weird angle!  The cardigan is so warm.  Perfect for slouching around or dashing about manically ;)  The cardigan will also be good as an outer layer once we are into the spring.  I can't wait to wear a nice dress/tights outfit with it like the model on the website!.  It has a belt and folded sleeves so if you have long arms then mine you will be fine.  This comfortably covers my whole arm, wrist and the base of my thumb.  Very snuggly!

The jeans were a surprise find at H&M just over a year ago.  They are skinny fit- and actually go PAST my ankles!  They dont rise too high at the waist so a longer top is essential for us tall people! I find dark blue jeans are great as they tend to go with a lot of things, look trendy but can also pass for 'smart' in a lot of situations

One of the pieces I recently rediscovered is this gorgeous teal top.  It is actually a v neck 3/4 length sleeved crotchet/knitted jumped from Mango.  In the colder months I normally team it up with a long black jersey top, although in the spring I will be able to just pop a cami under it.  It has a real 40s vintage feel, with a ribbed band under the bust, and delicate crotchet arms.

Winter Warmer Maxi Wool Cardigan: French Connection
Link This is actually in the sale reduced from £97 to £24.25!! Worth a look!!
 I am a size 8/10/12 depending on the store, however I wanted this cardigan to be big so I chose a medium.  I could have easily have picked a small.  Worth checking in store as I noticed several things marked as 'sold out' online but there were loads in store!

Skinny Jeans: Denim by H&M
&Sqin range which comes in longer lengths.  
I think these are my jeans online, and turns out they are reduced from £29.99 to £14.99
However some similar ones (in more sizes) are these or these.

Black long sleeve V neck is also H&M  but from the L.o.g.g. range, but you can pick up similar things in most stores.  I like L.o.g.g. because the quality is good, the materials are ecofriendly and the price is nice.

Belt: New Look black studded belt
Old season. Very old season! Might still have some in store if you are lucky.  If not then this one on ASOS looks possibly similar.

Teal knitwear jumper: Mango
Old season I'm afraid, and I can't see any on their site.  It might be worth a trip in store but I think it is at least 1 year old.  However if you want a nice v neck jumper with a crocheted feel then I did spot
 this one on their site for £10.99

Flat black biker type boots: Clarks (store link)
Old season, but so comfy and durable.  I am able to wear these all day with no sore feet at the end of the day!  The buckles and straps are great, plus they have a hidden expansion panel under a buckle round the calf.  Clarks have a reputation for 'old people' shoes, which can make them an overlooked brand.  However they have been churning out some great, wearable but fashionable designs in the past couple of years.  Plus they really design a shoe with aesthetics AND proper orthotics support (sounds like something for OAPs- but we are never to young to look after our feet!)  If you are still skeptical then check out these babies I featured on my other blog.

So there is my OOTD!  I hope you like these sort of posts?  What do you wear to keep warm in the winter?  Do you 'layer it up' or just go for one jumper?  Have you picked up any sale bargains?

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! 
Here is to 2012!!

Stand Tall x