Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Isabel Marant Ring £36?!

I just had to blog about this ring- in my sales trawling on Net-a-porter (it's good, 50% off!!) I found this beautiful ring by Isabel Marant reduced from £60 to £36!

So pretty!

They also have some matching turtle earrings by J Crew which are very cute and different- and affordable in the sale!

Using accessories is a great way to create a polished look (and spruce up an old or very cheap outfit).  Something I haven't quite got the hang of but I'm trying!!

To see my run down on the clothing sales see my previous post (now updated) or to see my beauty bargains & online sales overview click this link!

I love that I can shop from my warm bed with the tv on, while other made people are rammed in queues, surrounded by snot and germs and fighting to get a look!  You wont catch me doing that! Online is the only shop I'm visiting today!!  Any other bargains to report?

Stand Tall x

Pick of the Clothing Sales

Well, it's that time again!  Sales, Sales and Sales.  I have had a quick look this morning and found a few good bargains that I have ordered!  I though I would share them with you and ask for any recommendations.

French Connection has up to 75% off.  I cant wear everything of theirs but I do find that some of it is 'tall-girl' friendly! Hurrah.
French Connection Suzy Dress £130 reduced to £60

French Connection Ali Drape Cowel Neck Dress £45 reduced to £11!!
They have some gorgeous sparkly numbers, so if your New Year's dress isn't sorted.... move quickly!!

Reiss can be a little odd on sizing (no bigger sizes, and by big I mean 'normal but big for Reiss...sigh'), but hit it right and it is great!  I would have bought this dress if it hadn't sold out in my size- I will stalk for returns!! It' is.... The EMMA!! (link)  A perfect glitter party dress.... one to store for next Christmas!

I have my eye on a few other Reiss items including a few accessories (the belts are gorgeous!)... If I can't marry Prince William, then I'll just have to steal Kate's wardrobe instead (she is a tall girl- I did a Star Style article on her a while back...)

TOPSHOP TALL! YES!! Link! A whole section for us ladies!  I love the blue peplum dress for £28... and this metallic skirt for £15! Bargain!

Zara is my next port of call- I havent tried the trousers there, but a skirt suit and jackets are the perfect fit for me- normally- though I prefer to try them on.  However I hate fighting my way through loads of crazy women desperate to snatch items off the rails from in front of your nose all in aid of getting a sale bargain....

Where do you head for during the sales?  What have you picked up so far?  Any recommendations?

I hope you had a great Christmas.  I realised I posted on my beauty/lifestyle blog, but not here, so a belated season's greetings to all of you!  Enjoy the rest of 2012, and lets make 2013 the year of fashion that fits!

UPDATE: Skip Zara- overpriced and not great.  Do head to ASOS for cute Cath Kidston, some nice Wildfox and J Crew items (including gorgeous belts!).  Net-a-porter... how my bank hates you right now.  Gorgeous jumpers (50% off) and a good pair of sunglasses for the spring sun... it's coming!!  And finally House of Fraser- good port of call (Check out this Biba top for £14!)

Two more I'm off to check Oasis for tops and Dorothy Perkins Tall (I hear there is a pretty good sale on with further discounts online).

Stand Tall 

Sunday, 25 November 2012

20% off Warehouse

I can sometimes wear dresses from here, but it's their accessories that normally grab me!
The glitter will be mine!

I'm stalking this glitter art deco purse which is £26 but will be £20.80 with the discount.  I love a sparkly purse to jazz up a plain outfit- especially at Christmas time!  Plus I love the fact it has a shoulder chain/strap so you can use it as a clutch or keep it secure over your shoulder.  Very practical, and I love practical fashion :)

Use the code MARIEXMAS from today until 1st December at warehouse to claim your 20% off.

Stand Tall x

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

20% off French Connection

I love French Connection- it seems to like the taller girls too! Hurrah.  It doesnt like my bank balance however.  I am a big fan of French Connection for dresses.  I have a fair few tea dresses and summer dresses from them.  I also love their festive offerings.  Lots of sequins!

This sequin dress would be perfect for any party, hollywood glamour event, even just evening cocktails with the girls... I love it.  AND it has £46 off!!  I also love their skirts and winter jumpers- very cosy for sitting by an open fire, in a cottage with a glass of wine and a good movie (not that I have any of those things... yet!)

To claim your 20% off at French Connection simply use the code instyle20 for the next 3 days!

French Connection: Do or Don't?
Stand Tall x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Tall Model Tips: Body Shape: #BINTM

This is the start of a new series I'll be doing.  I'll be keeping them short but will be sharing tips- so if there are any questions you want to ask then just comment below and I will try to answer them in the future!

Winner Leititia Herod is in the beige/gold dress in the middle.  I'd love to stand next to these girls and feel 'short' but I think my self esteem would plummet- they are stunning!  Photo c/o The Clothes Show

During a recent press event for Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, I got to ask the girls what their best tip was for staying in shape and healthy.

The answer was.... Zumba and Yoga!

Now I've tried Yoga (and love it), but have yet to try Zumba.  I'm not always good at sticking to weekly classes due to my erratic schedule, though I do have a few Yoga DVDs.  Maybe I should do a post on them at some point.

(You can follow Leititia on twitter @letitiaHerod, Britian and Irelands Next Top Model @BINTMLive or see them at The Clothes Show in Birmingham 7-11th December at the NEC!)

Do you do Yoga or Zumba?  Do you agree with the girls?  What DVDs would you recommend?  How do you stay in shape?  What Model questions would you like answered?

Stand Tall x

Friday, 26 October 2012

Winter Warmers: Hat love

I found this hat today (link!) courtesy of Sabrina ( and I have to admit, I am a bit in love.  It's faux fur, and I tend to steer away from fur or fur inspired things (I'd never buy real fur).  However this faux fur hat just looks so snuggly and warm, even possible enough to brave the UK arctic conditions this winter......

 And with payday and a £16 price tag, it might have just fallen into my shopping bag.  It's very James Bond (from Russia with Love?) style.  I'm thinking glamour kitten?

Is this a yes or no?  Have you broken out your winter hats yet?
Stand Tall x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Shoe Find: Sam Edleman Dupes

Seeing as my last post was on tall people wearing high heels, it seems natural that the next post is on my current love.  Studded shoes! Practicality is not their strong point.  Cross your ankles and they will ladder your tights (so just make sure both ankles are laddered and rock the "deliberately shabby chic" look.....)

I have been stalking these babies on ASOS Aldo studded courts with 4" (10cm) heels.  Smart enough to wear to work with a fitted trouser or skirt suit.... but easy to rock with jeans and an evening top.
Part fashionista... part... pearly queen?!

They remind me of Sam Edleman's Lorrissa range.  12cm heel with the back covered in studs.  The SE ones are slightly higher and have a hidden platform (which taller girls might not want)- but they are around £180 so more than twice the price. 
Sam Edleman Peeptoe Lorrissa! Reduced £120 on Asos (link!)

However I did find these pink ones on ASOS in the sale for reduced from £179 to £120 and I am VERY tempted.  These would brighten up the dullest winter day and would rock with a part of black tights.  I used to live in trousers in winter, but the older I get, the more I love a snug pair of tights and a cute skirt.... but that's a whole new post!!
Pink... reminds me of the shoe Elle Woods (legally blonde) would wear to a tough court case!
Incidentally Sam Edleman opens his first London store in Soho at 6pm Thursday! I predict a flood of SE shoes on British shores!

Studded shoes Yay or Nay?
Stand Tall x

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tall Stories: Tall person + Heels? Ummmm

While high heels (3 or more inches) can 'look' pleasing they can throw up problems-
  • Being tall and wearing heels can be undesirable (giant syndrome anyone?!)  Not to mention the ache from your neck after stooping to chat to all the small people who didn't get the memo to grow tall!
  • They are impractical for wearing all day!  Fine if you are Nicole Richie or Tamara Ecclestone who has a stylist choose their outfit, prep them in a car before they walk 10 paces before the press and then sit for an evening before walking another 10 paces to the car (while the photographs lead us to believe that all they wear are skyscraper heels day in day out)!
  • They hurt your feet and cause posture misalignment which can lead to all sorts of varied and related problems you never knew about until your doctor/osteo/chiropodist tells you some long latin words and then explains some horrible condition that all relates to your choice of footwear...
Christian Louboutin made these en pointe shoes to raise money for English National Ballet.  Pretty or pretty uncomfortable?

On the plus side they make your feet look smaller.  Yes I am talking about 'that' episode again.  Some of you will have read this before but I'll share it again... I'm talking about the time I went to try on some shoes.  I just wanted some day to day Mary Jane style shoes (like normal office heel shoes but with a strap so they stay on your feet when you walk).  I opted for the 1-2 inch heels but the Sales Assistant said I should try on the 3 inch heels just to see.  I do like tall heels, but I am not a fan of sticking out all the time- plus I worry about getting posture and arthritis when older so I'd rather reserve higher heels for occasional wear.  Anyway I tried on the lower pair, which fitted fine, I then tried on the higher pair wondering if the height would hurt my feet or turn me into Godzilla... then came the sting.

"How are you getting on?" said the Sales Assistant.  "Yeah, I'm not sure about these" I said, eyeing up the skyscrapers on my feet.  Then came the immortal words I have never forgotten... "Those look good.  They make your feet look smaller"... You WHAT?  You're saying I have big feet?  And that wearing cripplingly high heels will make my feet look smaller and this is a good thing?
Lobster shoes! Comfortable and height? Or just plan daft?

I wasn't really hung up on the size of me feet too much until that day.  Don't get me wrong- I know they are big- but my shoes size always sells out so I know it is popular.  More importantly they balance my height and I would look very odd (and fall over) if my feet weren't proportionate.  I may feet like I have to wear small canoes on each foot (especially when wearing flat shoes) BUT DONT USE MY SIZE TO BRIBE ME INTO BUYING ITEMS!!  And certainly don't give me complexes about fitting in when I am perfectly normal!!  I know that now, but at the time several years ago I just wanted to blend in and it seems that every store I visited for shoes just stocked skyscrapers and no alternatives.  Thankfully nowadays the flat shoe trend is hear to stay and mid sized heels which look fashionable AND comfortable are here to stay!  And even if they aren't 'fashionable' they are vintage styled which also appears to be cool nowadays!
Freya Shoes from Hush Puppy (link) £35-£60 with a normal heel! Get in!

I have some posts coming up about shoes for tall-ies.  Shoes that won't hurt your feet, cost the earth or make us stick out for the wrong reasons :) Having struggled in this area for many years I knew this was one of the topics I wanted to share on this blog- so keep your eyes peeled for some shoes posts!

Do you wear high heels?  How high will you go?  Do you have special trusted shops?  Any shoes secrets or stories?

Stand Tall x
(P.s. I didn't buy those shoes.  I removed them, smiled, thanked the guy and left the shop- and took my 'big feet' elsewhere to shop!)
(P.p.s. 5 foot 10 is now on Facebook (link) and Twitter (@5foot10blog) so more ways to stay up to date :) ) 


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Win a pair of £150 Silver Oria Earrings! International Giveaway!

I have been a terrible 5 foot 10 blogger of late.  I wish there were more hours in the day and less life stresses!  I have also been away lots- and have things to share as a result!  Anyway plans are a foot to make it easier for me to blog on either blog without having to log out of every interface.... I am also revamping a few other things :)

I wanted to included any 5 foot 10 readers in my Oria silver earrings giveaway.  It is my beauty blog's 3rd birthday so I am hosting a few giveaways- one being this gorgeous pair of earrings from

They are made from ethically sourced silver, designed by British designers Oria and made beautifully.  A treasured item or gift!  And the giveaway is international!

Gorgeous silver hare earrings!
I am not going to make you sub to my beauty blog to enter- just make sure you are subbed to this blog and comment (as per the instructions) at Also just mention you are a 5 foot 10 follower so I know when I verify entries!  It's a wonderful opportunity and I wish I could enter because I really love the earrings!!

Best of luck!!
Stand Tall x

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Running With Scissors (Monki Haul)

One of the rare times I will post one of my other blog posts here!  This brand is worth a mention!  I have not tried the clothes yet, so I don't know if they are tall worthy, but it seems they do do a taller 34 inch range!! I am excited!  I still have three full (blush) bags of clothes to blog about so stay tuned!

"If you don't know who Monki are, they are a sister company of the Swedish brand Cheap Monday (see ASOS and Urban Outfitters for their range).  Both companies are actually owned by H&M.  For Cheap Monday, think skinny jeans, over sized t shirts and much more but not too cheap!  Monki however play on the quirkier side of things.  Just in case you were wondering, Monki is the little cute cartoon guy I posted on Twitter and Facebook yesterday as a teaser!
Lovely Monki items!
Monki have just set up their first flagship store in the UK (London, 39 Carnaby street if you are interested).  They also have a concession in Oxford street Selfridges, and I am hoping a few more will follow this year.

I visited their website last Saturday and placed a little order.  They didn't used to send items to the UK, but I think now their store is open in Carnaby street, they have started to offer this service.  I visited and placed an order there- be warned, it is all in euros, but a quick google will show you what the price translates as.  My order arrived Friday (quicker than they predicted) and delivery cost around £4-5 which isn't far different to other online shops in the UK.  My parcel came from Germany!

Scissor Necklace (link!) 

According to Monki, in some countries scissors are used to cast curses so I have to think positive thoughts while wearing this (and not run while wearing it)!  I just through it was unusual and wearable at work.  It is a bit longer than I thought- it falls mid bust length (a la 'Lorraine chain') but isn't as heavy as some other necklaces I have of that length, so hopefully I wont end up clonking this noisily on the table every time I sit down!

Siggi Cluch (link!)
Love at first sight! Blimey Limey!

This clutch is bright imitation leather (blimey limey colour to be exact)!  It's a slight touch on the yellow side on lime green, and for me it means SPRING!  I also know that putting this with any plain outfit will immediately brighten it up.  I love the asymmetric flap front (fastened with a magnetic clasp in the bottom left corner).  Inside there is one zip pocket (and a cute tiny label with monki monster on)!  It is big enough to fit a slim purse, touch up makeup, phone, keys, gum and still a bit more.  The only thing I sort of wish for is that the whole thing zipped up under the flap- just in case I over fill it and cant used the magnetic clasp!  I guess I will have to restrain my inner bag content hoarder!! 

Monki say: "If there is such a ting as a perfect clutch, Siggi is it. She has it all. Perfect size, perfect chicness, perfect shape and perfect… everything. Perfection." €20

Alana plait belt (link!) 
Retro belt!

This reminds me of vintage 70's belts.  It fastens through the plait so one size fits all!  I love the fact the buckle bit is wrapped, so the metal wont snag on any delicate fabrics.  I cant wait to wear this with my Siggi clutch!! €15

Dragonfly earrings (link!)
"I seen a Dragonfly, I ain't never seen a Donkey-fly!"

 I spotted these and thought they looked sweet.  They aren't real silver, and are on a par with New Look / Dorothy Perkins prices.  They are a bit bigger than I thought (bigger than a 50p piece!) but I will still get lots of wear out of these.

Cute Monki mail bag!

Verdict: I'm really pleased with my purchases.  I found the monki site easy to use, and love the level of detail from the mailing bags, website doodles and emails to the product tags (open them up!) and care labels.  It's not extortionate in price and the items feel good quality.   I hope to use these in some outfit of the day posts on my fashion blog 5 foot 10 but a few of you said you would like to see accessory posts here so I put this here first!

What do you think of my purchases?  Have you heard of Monki?  Are they worthy for taller girls? Do you like their items?  Would you shop there?

P.s. Don't forget my Mac giveaway!

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me and these are my own words!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

(Mega) Hauling.

Well, I have been a little quite, but I have been busy spending money ;o)  I had hoped to photograph these on me, but I have either been shivering my socks off wrapped in a chunky knit cardi (and no way was I going to to play dress up!) or busy pinging about the country for work/family things.  So my purchases have sat in bags accumulating!  Some of these were sales bargains, others werent. (That makes me feel a bit better about my spending!!)
Forever21, French Connection, ASOS, French Connection...

I thought I would result to taking pictures of the bags and a sneak peak and then post pictures of the items either flat or hung up, then hopefully take some pictures as I get dressed up for nights out/work (if I get ready in time!!  This is NOT a strong point for me!)

My question to you is does it make a difference if clothes are photographed on a person or just hung up?  Or do you just like seeing clothes?!

Hope you are all well!  What was the last thing you bought?

Stand Tall x

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Find clothes by your size! Genius App!

I saw this today and just had to share.  If you're like me then finding clothes can be a nightmare.  I go into one shop and I'm a size 8, another size 12, another 14... and it doesn't stop there!  Each item is individually sized too, so a skirt in a 10 might fit, but in tops I'm a 12.. confused? Me too!

I saw this today.

Simply input your hit, waist and bust size in CM or inches and the software will tell you which shops you should head to.  Not only that, but it also breaks it down into which shops best fit you for tops, skirts and dresses.  You can also select a store and see what measurements they fit their clothes too.

I have to say, the results it gave me were pretty good- places I shop in!

Genius idea.  You can check it out at Sadly I don't think height is taken into account but it is a step in the right direction? Right?

Other News:
I had hoped to take some more OOTD pictures, but it has been so cold that I have literally lived in jeans/ work wool trousers and a big chunky knit cardigan.  Not very exciting!  Hopefully it will warm up soon!!  I'm not used to -10 degrees!!

I am updating the Blogger Height Wall again, so please, please spread the word.  The more people there are, the better it works!  Don't forget 5 foot 10 is on twitter.  I tend to update it with fashion and tall tweets, but if you want to follow my normal (random) ramblings and beauty tweets then follow my other twitter HERE.

What have you been up to?  Do you think that site is good?  Can you recommend any other software?

Stand Tall x

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Exciting Updates! Blogger Heights and Hall of Shame.

5 foot 10 now has a 'Blogger Heights' page where you can add your height and see who else is your height.  I got so fed up of seeing lovely clothes on other bloggers/Youtubers, ordering them online and then finding they didn't fit me.  Take for example the time I saw a lovely dress on Fleurdeforce.  Stunning (but then Fleur's style is stunning and she looks amazing in everything!).  Anyway, I placed and order online, as you do, and opened the parcel with excitement.  The dress was gorgeous, bright and perfect.  I then tried aforementioned dress on, only to find that while for Fleur it was equal to a dress, for tall me it was equal to ... a top.  If I tried to wear it out on a night out, I would end up photographed and splashed across 'The Daily Mail' under the heading 'Britiain's trashy women catch / brave hypothermia for fashion'.  You get the picture?!

(The sad thing is, I should have known Fleur is shorter than me as I have met her in real life!! Silly Emma!!)

Blogger Heights will hopefully be useful to everyone (tall or not) when wondering how tall a blogger / youtuber is and if their clothes will fit us.  Let's face it, we all try to steal a few wardrobe inspirations off each other, don't we?!  Hopefully it should also be a nice index of bloggers too- don't forget that * means the person is primarily a fashion blogger!  The more people who are added to this page, the better it will work- so please add yourself by leaving a comment!

Another new site addition is the 'Tall of Shame' page (see top bar of links).  Ever bought an item only to find it is made for mini-people?  Ever found that a brand thinks all small sized people are short, and all average to large sizes must be really tall?  Do you have a list of shops which you cant visit because they do not cater for the taller lady?  SHARE your shopping shame by adding them to the 'Tall of Shame'!   Similarly if you have good brands to recommend then leave a comment on the 'Clothes Shops' and I will add them!  I will be doing some posts on these topics in due course!

NEXT POST: Recent Hauls :)

Stand Tall x

P.s. I am following blogs, but my blogger dashboard keeps telling me I am following none. Anyone know how to fix this?  :/

Friday, 13 January 2012

OOTD: (& sales!!)

 I have been a bit manic over the last few weeks with a spate of giveaway and beauty posts on Computergirl's Musings , oh and that little thing called Christmas and New Year... So here I am kicking off 5 foot 10 in 2012 with a what I wore to work Outfit of the Day :)

I admire anyone who does these regularly.  I find it so hard to photograph myself!!  IF you have any tips then let me know!!

I went for a few layers, although this makes me look a little frumpy in this picture- I assure you that it's my weird angle!  The cardigan is so warm.  Perfect for slouching around or dashing about manically ;)  The cardigan will also be good as an outer layer once we are into the spring.  I can't wait to wear a nice dress/tights outfit with it like the model on the website!.  It has a belt and folded sleeves so if you have long arms then mine you will be fine.  This comfortably covers my whole arm, wrist and the base of my thumb.  Very snuggly!

The jeans were a surprise find at H&M just over a year ago.  They are skinny fit- and actually go PAST my ankles!  They dont rise too high at the waist so a longer top is essential for us tall people! I find dark blue jeans are great as they tend to go with a lot of things, look trendy but can also pass for 'smart' in a lot of situations

One of the pieces I recently rediscovered is this gorgeous teal top.  It is actually a v neck 3/4 length sleeved crotchet/knitted jumped from Mango.  In the colder months I normally team it up with a long black jersey top, although in the spring I will be able to just pop a cami under it.  It has a real 40s vintage feel, with a ribbed band under the bust, and delicate crotchet arms.

Winter Warmer Maxi Wool Cardigan: French Connection
Link This is actually in the sale reduced from £97 to £24.25!! Worth a look!!
 I am a size 8/10/12 depending on the store, however I wanted this cardigan to be big so I chose a medium.  I could have easily have picked a small.  Worth checking in store as I noticed several things marked as 'sold out' online but there were loads in store!

Skinny Jeans: Denim by H&M
&Sqin range which comes in longer lengths.  
I think these are my jeans online, and turns out they are reduced from £29.99 to £14.99
However some similar ones (in more sizes) are these or these.

Black long sleeve V neck is also H&M  but from the L.o.g.g. range, but you can pick up similar things in most stores.  I like L.o.g.g. because the quality is good, the materials are ecofriendly and the price is nice.

Belt: New Look black studded belt
Old season. Very old season! Might still have some in store if you are lucky.  If not then this one on ASOS looks possibly similar.

Teal knitwear jumper: Mango
Old season I'm afraid, and I can't see any on their site.  It might be worth a trip in store but I think it is at least 1 year old.  However if you want a nice v neck jumper with a crocheted feel then I did spot
 this one on their site for £10.99

Flat black biker type boots: Clarks (store link)
Old season, but so comfy and durable.  I am able to wear these all day with no sore feet at the end of the day!  The buckles and straps are great, plus they have a hidden expansion panel under a buckle round the calf.  Clarks have a reputation for 'old people' shoes, which can make them an overlooked brand.  However they have been churning out some great, wearable but fashionable designs in the past couple of years.  Plus they really design a shoe with aesthetics AND proper orthotics support (sounds like something for OAPs- but we are never to young to look after our feet!)  If you are still skeptical then check out these babies I featured on my other blog.

So there is my OOTD!  I hope you like these sort of posts?  What do you wear to keep warm in the winter?  Do you 'layer it up' or just go for one jumper?  Have you picked up any sale bargains?

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! 
Here is to 2012!!

Stand Tall x