Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Style Spot: Jane Galpin (TV Stylist: Daily Mix Tv)

When I was at The Clothes Show Live last year I bumped into Daily Mix Tv who were filming with Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends).  Ruth was on a train at that point, but I hung out with the team in the press lounge, and then at the press call first thing.  I already knew one or two of them.

Jane Galpin, the show's stylist, had a really nice outfit on, so I thought I would turn the cameras and ask her what she was wearing!  Jane has an impressive CV having worked for Daily Mix Tv Street Style, How to Look Good Naked, 10 Years Younger as well as 12 years producing The Clothes Show!
Jane Galpin
Jane said that if she knows she will be walking lots during the day, she dresses for comfort.  If you have visited The Clothes Show then you will know that it involves a LOT of walking!  Comfort is essential!  It is also tricky because the sow is held in December.  Outside it is freezing, but inside the temperature rises.  Getting the right outfit to suit two temperatures can be tricky!

Jane is wearing a gorgeous floaty Somerset by Alice Temperley summer dress, clinched at the waist with a black belt.  To make this more winter appropriate Jane put it over skinny jeans.

The cardigan is by Bologaro Trevor and I think Jane said she bought it from Square in Bath (link).

Jane's studded Ash trainers.  Flats are a must at The Clothes Show!
 Jane opted for flat converse type trainers by the brand Ash.  Sadly my photo didn't quite pick up the detailing but I found a better picture here in grey (and they are reduced from £139 to £69.50!)
All together now.... oooooo
Finally as Jane went to go, I spotted this gorgeous Mulberry mini satchel.  Beautifully crafted and simple enough to go with any outfit.  Also small enough to not get very heavy, and long enough to be worn across the body.  Perfect.

If you fancy a little bit of Mulberry for Christmas then Selfridges have some lovely tiny purses and card holders (link)

Thank you to Jane for taking part in this Style Spot!  You can find Jane on twitter (@JaneGalpin) or via her website http://www.howtolookgood.com/ It's one of the reasons I love The Clothes Show- there are so many people with individual style!  Great for inspiration!

Stand Tall x

Friday, 17 May 2013

5Foot10 Style Pick: Forever 21 Tropical Print Chiffon Maxi Dress

As promised, I'll be sharing some of my purchases and top stylist picks on this blog.

I adore this Tropical Print Chiffon Maxi Dress from Forever 21.  It's long, light, colourful and so versatile, plus it's affordable at just over £16 (or $19 if you are a US reader).  I also like it because the model is... 5' 10".. Such a valuable bit of information to have the model's height in the look book!

I'd add flip flops and a wide brimmed hat for the beach.  Transform it with a pair of espadrille wedges, a fedora, a smoking jacket and a metallic belt for an evening cocktail outfit.  Or add a pair of short cowboy boots and a waterfall cardigan for a more casual 'running to the shops' look.

Forever 21 only has a few stores in the UK (Birmingham Bull Ring, London Oxford Street, Buchanan Street Glasgow, Bluewater, Lakeside, Trafford Centre, Stratford City London).  They are worth a look but can get quite busy.  It's are a little hit and miss (I wouldn't buy handbags from there unless a very 'fashiony' item that I only wanted to use once or twice).  I like the jewellery (though be wary of green skin with some items!).  The range of clothes is vast and so you will normally find something, if you have the patience to look.  I prefer shopping online if I can help it!

Is this dress a hit or miss for you?  Do you like Forever 21? 

Stand Tall x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Jennie Runk: 5' 10" plus size model for H&M

I came across this image of Jennie Runk "Plus size model" for H&M.  Jennie is a US size 14-16 (UK 16-18).  Now I don't know about you but my first thought on seeing the campaign picture was that she looked pretty and healthy- I then found out that she was classed as 'plus sized' in the modelling world (although I thought she looked like a UK sized 12 so I'm not sure if that's 'model sizing').

Stunning Jennie Runk H&M dress
 The photo above is for H&M's beachwear line.  I thought it made a refreshing change to see normal healthy models used in a campaign.  I'm hoping that they make the dress above in my size as I'll be hunting it down in whatever H&M decides to using as my size that week.... (I fall between an 8-14 depending on the high-street store but that is a whole new post/rant!!)

Flawless Beauty!
Anyway I did a little research on Jennie, and was really pleased to see that she has the same issues with trousers as me..

"..... I was wearing sweat pants because my thighs were the size of their (her classmates) waists, and those pants were embarrassingly short because I was taller than the average adult, but still shopped at (pre-teen clothing store) Limited Too."

Glad to see that even models are not exempt from clothing woes!
Jennie off duty! Solve the trouser issues by wearing shorts! :)

Jennie for la redoute

25 year old Jennie has a Bachelor's Degree- pursuing academic studying alongside her modelling career.  She is an advocate for positive thinking and embracing health body confidence.  She has a facebook page (link) if you want to read her lovely thoughts or see more 5' 10" clothing inspiration.

Also she has written an article for the BBC website online (viewable here) which makes interesting reading.  Being 5' 10"  I thought Jennie made an excellent addition to 5' 10".

Have you seen many other campaigns using 'plus sized' models?  Any campaigns you'd like to ban for using unhealthily skinny models?  Any thoughts?

Stand Tall x

Monday, 13 May 2013

New Holiday Wardrobe: £245 (12 days of Holiday purchases!)

According to 'new research', the average woman (cough) spends £245 on a new holiday wardrobe before jetting off to a relaxing destination.  £245?? £245 for a new holiday wardrobe?!

Holiday Shopping?

Apparently the women the researchers spoke to said that they will normally buy (N.b. please read this aloud to the tune of 12 days of Christmas....)
  • SIX summer dresses
  • FIVE holiday tops
  • FOUR pieces of swimwear
  • THREE pairs of shoes
  • THREE pieces of jewellery
  • THREE items of makeup 
  • TWO pairs of shorts
  • And a pair of sunglasses (beach bag and sun lotion*)
I don't know about you, but that sounds like my ENTIRE packing list for a holiday?!  Not a casual holiday shop!?  Seriously, who are these women they surveyed?  I don't think anyone I know has purchased that amount of items for one holiday- let alone EACH holiday they take.  Maybe if it was a honeymoon there might have been a few new purchases- or a specific piece of kit for themed holiday- i.e. walking boots for a hiking tip, or a super posh frock for a cruise where there is a dress code.... but all these items.  No.  I don't think so.
Kate Middleton's 'Honeymoon going away' outfit: Zara Dress, LKBennett Shoes, Jacket/belt unknown but rumoured to be Topshop or Hobbs.  Estimated cost £200
I don't know about you, but I have a 'summer wardrobe' section which I try to pack away during autumn each year.  I try to eek it out as long as I can, while clinging to some notion that cold weather will never return and I can live in a summer fantasy world forever.  When warm weather is about I delve into these items, though living in the UK I rarely get to wear them.  This means that if I travel abroad to hotter weathers, I have a virtually unworn summer wardrobe to choose from.  Of course there might be a few replacements from time to time, but not for each trip.
I pride myself of being able to squeeze into the same items as it means I am the same size (although I do replace them when sun bleached, frayed or the elastic perishes).  Sometimes I will out the items because I don't like them anymore- BUT I don't set out to buy a new wardrobe each holiday!!
Sun Cream! A 'Wardrobe' item?!
Now I put a * by sun lotion and makeup.  One might treat themselves to new makeup every now and again, but most women will have a little purchase at duty free- I don't think that counts as it is not a home territory purchase..!  And sun lotion looses it's protection factor once it has been opened for a year- in fact the SPF goes down every year anyway, so it's a necessity to replace this.  I wouldn't count it as a 'summer wardrobe' purchase.  SPF is very important (if used responsibly- but I'll go into that on my beauty blog at some point)!  I do not see Sun lotion as an aesthetic item that people buy to 'primp themselves and look different in holiday photos'!

Don't get me wrong.  I do like to make new purchases for the season ahead, I just wouldn't spend *that* budget purely for each holiday trip.  I'd rather put the money towards investment purchases, or travel insurance/day trips/holiday food etc!  Oh and I also like to buy a few things while abroad... say a new dress, bracelet, some duty free makeup... hmm maybe spend the £245 on a new wardrobe while ON holiday.... that doesn't count, right?

Do you shop FOR holiday, or while ON holiday?  Do you agree with this survey?  Do you did out the same items first before purchasing replacements?
Stand Tall x

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ottavio Missoni: Bright Patterns

I woke up to the news that Ottavio Missoni, the co-founder of Missoni, passed away in the early hours.  A sad loss to the fashion industry.  I remember studying the fabrics and patterns during classes and being mesmerised by the combinations.  I felt  like they shouldn't go together- but they sort of clashed and looked good!  Of course I couldn't afford any at that time- but I could admire! 

Rosie Fortescue (5' 4") wearing Missoni shorts.
 Loved by celebrities, designers and public alike, a Missoni item always adds a splash of vibrancy to any room or outfit

Ottavio and Rosita Missoni began the Missoni brand in 1953.  A Missoni item is normally quite recognisable by it's knitted geometric pattern.   I hoped they would do a collaboration in the UK like the 'Missoni for Target' range in America.  Sadly this hasn't happened yet.

Missoni's famous zig-zag pattern fabric.  Credit

The story goes that Missoni were asked to debut their items at the Pitti Palace in Florence.  The model's bras didn't go with the colours of the fabric- so Rosita asked them to remove them.  The model's obliged but, unbeknown to the catwalkers or designers, when the fashion show began the fabrics became see-through in the bright stage lights.  Missoni became the talk of the town (and world) and sales went through the roof.  Just goes to show that sometimes mistakes can be the making of a great start.
Missoni M range.  Bright patterned culotte dress.

Now the brand is looked after by the couple's daughter- so the legacy lives on.

I love the clash of colours and patterns.  For many years things like this would have been too bright for me- too 'out there' though I always admired the pieces on others.  However this year I am embracing my brighter side- more pictures to follow ;)

If you have a Missoni piece I am a little envious!  Are you a Missoni fan?  Are you embracing the bright clashing patterns this summer?

Stand Tall x

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Wardrobe Organisation

My wardrobe organisation has had a bit of a revolution.  A rather nifty device that means my scarves, belts, sunglasses etc all have a home.  The storage method is meant for shoes but I saw another use!  I also found a way of storage clothes neatly while saving space!

Rather than duplicate the post here (as some of you subscribe to both blogs) I'm just going to put a link and you can have a nose if you like!  There is a little cross over of the blog topics, but in general I don't want to duplicate myself (or cut and paste)!  This will still be my blog for fashion, inspiration, tall clothes, shops etc!

Enjoy the sun!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tall Star Style: Miranda Kerr 5ft 9

Miranda Kerr rocking her Victoria's Secret Catwalk angel wings
Mrs. Orlando 'Legolas' Bloom AKA Miranda Kerr.  Victoria's Secret catwalk queen, magazine cover girl, mum, business woman, organic skincare maker... Miranda has a great body.  I think she looks healthy- not gaunt, but toned and healthy.  She treats her body with lots of respect- feeding it a balanced diet of containing all the needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  At 29 she looks glowing and her post-baby body seems to show no signs of her motherhood.  As someone who started a blog primarily about bad skin problems and how to fix them, I have been following Miranda as a skincare and health inspiration- so it seems only natural that I should feature her on my fashion blog about style!

Miranda is currently on the cover of Australian Vogue.
Photo credit Daily Mail
Miranda always seems to dress simply.  One or two clean tailored pieces and normally a killer pair of heels.  I'm not sure if it is due to the fact she is in hot places (Australia, LA, Mexico...) but I think I'd need to wear a few more layers in the UK!  She seems to get away with small fitted jackets and tight figure hugging shorts, leggings or trousers.

Photo credit to Glamour.com

When it comes to dressing up, Miranda is a big fan of floaty feminine dresses.  She seems to favour vintage Hollywood inspired dresses and states Audrey Hepburn as one of her style icons (who wouldn't?).  Of course these are teamed with another pair of killer heels.

Credit to Just Jared
I love this aqua maxi dress with puffed shoulders.  Very vintage siren!

Audrey Hepburn inspired

When it comes to dressing down, Miranda still looks as glam as anything.  She can carry off bold prints and distressed shorts (again with killer heels)....

 Or a simple t shirt with minimal makeup......

Simple over-sized t shirt and a gold geometric necklace

 Just to prove she wears flats sometimes, here she is in some very office-esque flat ballet pumps, in leopard print.  I found some similar ones on ebay at a very affordable price link!


All in all, I'd say Miranda's style is effortless.  She makes dressing look easy.  Simple lines, great tailoring.  I'd say her posture helps- she always stands straight and has a great relaxed smile.  Inner assurance and confidence make a great canvas for anything.  She doesn't over clutter a look with many pieces of jewellery or accessories- just one or two choice pieces.  Mostly she seems to wear stud earring or bare ears instead of statement pieces in the day.  Necklaces are dainty or absent.  I think she favours a watch and sunglasses (sunglasses are an MK style essential to remain wrinkle free for as long as possible in sunny Australia)!

Miranda standing TALL (and proud!)

Miranda has been quoted as saying Net-a-Porter is her favourite place to shop because she travels so much and online is easier.  N-a-P do have some lovely pieces AND great sales- but if it is still a little pricey then I can really recommend the OUTNET for similar items but at much reduced prices.

I'd recommend looking at shops like Dune (currently 50% off) or Kurt Geiger (also 50% off!) if you are on a budget.  For nude ones Dorothy Perkins did have some reasonable nude platforms (£29.50 normally but currently £23.60 with 20% off).  If you are not on a budget then head to Selfridges, Net-a-porter, the OUTNET or Harrods!  The world is your oyster!

I can't really afford Miranda's recent addition of an Alexander McQueen orange Heroine bag at £1745 but I did find a similar one on ebay for a much more affordable £11.99.  Not quite a McQueen.. but as Miranda says, fashion is about knowing how to wear things, not spending lots of money.
Bag from Ebay
What do you think of Miranda's style?  Are you inspired by her effortless looks or healthy living?  Do you wear minimal jewellery or is Miranda's take a little 'too' minimal?

Stand Tall x

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Victoria Beckham : Launched!

Ok so I know she is only 1.63cm (5 ft 4.25 inches) but this blog isn't all about 5ft 10"... it's my outlet for fashiony things and tall tales.  I am 5ft 10 so the things I buy will have to be tall friendly BUT inspiration is not height restrictive!  I'm a big admirer of fashion, but I'm not that great at implementing it or finding a practical way of embracing it (or clothes that fit)!  (If you are stylist I'd challenge you to sort me out!!)  Anyway I do admire Victoria Beckham's style.  She could do with a little more meat on her bones, but I think running about looking after all her children, looking after David (possibly looking at David so much you forget to eat?) PLUS running her own company must keep her metabolism running very nicely.

Part of the 'Look' part of the site.  Catwalks, backstage, gifs...http://www.victoriabeckham.com/look
Victoria Beckham has just launched her new website http://www.victoriabeckham.com.  I'm going to skip over the controversy that her clothes are made in backstreet UK factories and a very, very small fraction of the retail cost (after all, which companies don't try to make a profit, and I'd rather they were made in the UK than child sweatshop labour....) ... and just move on to the pretty aesthetics.
Nice dresses- though none less that £1000 in this selection ....
I like this classic cut, though not sure about the shoes...

Nice simple lines, classic cuts and designs.  I'm sure a piece from VB's range would be an investment (especially at those prices!).  Personally I'd wait for the sales as, like most of the world, I dont have a spare £1000 to spend on a dress- but we can all dream right?!

Then I looked at the bags.  There were some nice clutch bags, though the one below caught my eye (I think the practical side of me took over).... I have to add that I could not see the prices.. but when I hovered the mouse over the bags it transpired that I'd chosen the most expensive one! Gah!

The 'Victoria' bag.  (And I though a Mulberry was pricey...)
I have asked how tall the model is on the website so hopefully I'll get a response as it's always good to know when buying online- however VB is noted for wearing her own range so I wouldn't hold out much hope for anyone who is my height or taller!

I can safely say that, although I like the range, I don't 'love' it.  It is just a bit too safe for me (and the price).  But if you have the money and like the pieces, then go for it!

Have you seen Victoria's clothing range?  Is it over-priced for what it is?  Have you found any cheaper dupes?

Stand Tall x

P.s. If you are following 5 foot 10 (or any blogs) using google reader or blogger dashboard then don't forget it will be discontinued shortly.  I can recommend backing your follow list up in Bloglovin and have written a easy tutorial of how to import your blogger dashboard into bloglovin with a few clicks!  The post is at http://computergirl2007.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/how-to-import-your-blogger-dashboard.html

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tall Talk Tuesday 1: Lynnette Peck AKA Lovely! (5'11")

Tall Talk Tuesday is where I'll introduce you to real people, tall people and not so tall people!  We'll have a chat and a nose in their wardrobe, share funny tales...

For the first ever Tall Talk Tuesday, I bring you the lovely Lynnette- also known as Lovely. 

Tell us about you!
Hi, I am Lynnette Peck and I have been a magazine journalist (specialising in fashion/beauty and launching and editing magazines) for twenty years. I have worked for Vogue, New Woman, Cosmopolitan, Eve and many other magazines. 

I also own an online vintage fashion boutique Lovely’s Vintage Emporium http://www.lovelysvintageemporium.com where we sell trend-led vintage fashion and accessories. Celebrity clients have included American singer Nicki Minaj and UK TV presenters Dawn Porter and Holly Willoughby.
Lynnette with Celia Birtwel (Vintage icon- google!)
How tall are you?
5ft 11in which is 1.8m

What’s the best thing about being tall?
Not being squashed in crowds.

…and the worst?
Can only date tall men.

Tall + High heels.  Yes or No?
Absolutely, yes. Be tall and be proud.
What was growing up tall like?
I mostly loved being tall as my father always said that it made me elegant and model-like and he said to stand up straight and not stoop as it looks worse if you stoop. Walk tall!

Any funny tall stories?
I did have a bad moment at a school disco when I was 15 and dancing with a boy – the DJ said to me through his microphone ‘take your shoes off love and give him a chance’. I was wearing flat shoes anyway…I was so embarrassed.

Who is your style inspiration(s)?
I love Danish supermodel Helena Christensen as she somehow manages to wear vintage yet also look modern, glamorous and bohemian all at the same time. Plus we are the same age and she is only 1in shorter than me! I have interviewed her twice and we get on really well. Love her. I am trying to get her to wear some pieces from Lovely’s Vintage Emporium…

...In wonderful vintage Ossie Clark.
Where do you shop (or avoid!) for tall clothes?
I mainly wear vintage from the 1970s and lots of it is from America so it is larger (ie longer). If I had to pick the high street then the Top Shop tall section is OK and some pieces in Cos and Whistles work for me. I have a burgundy vintage 1970s Ossie Clark dress that I adore and a long blue/black vintage Jean Varon dress.  Both were meant for Lovely’s Vintage Emporium but somehow I kept them for myself…

Lynnette in her gorgeous Jean Varon dress!
Any words of wisdom you’d like to add?
Use your height to your advantage so make sure you wear flattering clothes like long dresses, jumpsuits, maxi skirts and so you are then the one that stands out but in a good way. Watch your back – tall people notoriously suffer from bad backs so sit correctly at your desk (both feet flat on the ground, no crossed legs.).

Thank you so much to Lynnette for featuring in the first ever Tall Talk Tuesday!  She truly lives up to her name Lovely!  I'm a big fan of Lovely's Vintage Emporium so if you havent seen her store then be sure to visit the link above or her Twitter  http://www.twitter.com/LovelysVintage

Are you a fan on vintage?  Fan of the Tall Tuesday Talk?  Say thank you to Lynnette?  Leave a comment below!
Stand Tall x