Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ottavio Missoni: Bright Patterns

I woke up to the news that Ottavio Missoni, the co-founder of Missoni, passed away in the early hours.  A sad loss to the fashion industry.  I remember studying the fabrics and patterns during classes and being mesmerised by the combinations.  I felt  like they shouldn't go together- but they sort of clashed and looked good!  Of course I couldn't afford any at that time- but I could admire! 

Rosie Fortescue (5' 4") wearing Missoni shorts.
 Loved by celebrities, designers and public alike, a Missoni item always adds a splash of vibrancy to any room or outfit

Ottavio and Rosita Missoni began the Missoni brand in 1953.  A Missoni item is normally quite recognisable by it's knitted geometric pattern.   I hoped they would do a collaboration in the UK like the 'Missoni for Target' range in America.  Sadly this hasn't happened yet.

Missoni's famous zig-zag pattern fabric.  Credit

The story goes that Missoni were asked to debut their items at the Pitti Palace in Florence.  The model's bras didn't go with the colours of the fabric- so Rosita asked them to remove them.  The model's obliged but, unbeknown to the catwalkers or designers, when the fashion show began the fabrics became see-through in the bright stage lights.  Missoni became the talk of the town (and world) and sales went through the roof.  Just goes to show that sometimes mistakes can be the making of a great start.
Missoni M range.  Bright patterned culotte dress.

Now the brand is looked after by the couple's daughter- so the legacy lives on.

I love the clash of colours and patterns.  For many years things like this would have been too bright for me- too 'out there' though I always admired the pieces on others.  However this year I am embracing my brighter side- more pictures to follow ;)

If you have a Missoni piece I am a little envious!  Are you a Missoni fan?  Are you embracing the bright clashing patterns this summer?

Stand Tall x

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